The Biggest Update To This Life-changing App Motiday allows users to share their own experiences of overcoming various difficult periods of their lives

By John Stanly

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Motiday is one of the most popular motivational applications in the App Store. It provides exclusive content, helping users get inspired and find solutions through life-changing stories. The application allows users to share their own experiences of overcoming various difficult periods of their lives and to learn from others through sharing ideas, solutions, stories, and achievements.

In late 2021, the project secured an investment and presented the roadmap for Q1-Q2 2022. Developers promise it won't be long before app users see the biggest update ever.

So let's see what to expect in Q1 2022:

The team has planned a revamp of the app's design and functions while preserving the core feature: sending one personal Motiday author's content to each user every day.

The project team also plans to launch a completely new product, Motinet, a Reddit-like space for motivation. This new product will enable every user to share stories of turning points in their life and how they managed to overcome difficulties they faced. By telling their own life stories, users will have a chance to help others and motivate them to keep pushing forward and not give up.

The Motiday team got this idea from "Humans", by Brandon Stanton. The book tells the stories of strangers interviewed by the author: "We think you'll agree that these real-life narratives are much more inspiring than Silicon Valley's fairytales!"

As for Q2 2022, the team is planning to take all of the app's core functions and create a complete Mindset App Store, where users will be able to find motivation, healthy lifestyle tips, lifehacks, discussions of common burnout causes and more, all assembled into one space and structured into individual sections for convenient navigation.

The project's co-founders, Stepan Sergeev and Maxim Irbe, expect the app to have more than 1 million DAU by the end of 2022.

If the development team achieves all of its planned goals, users will gain access to the most thorough and full-fledged platform for motivation and lifestyle the world has ever seen.
John Stanly

Start-up mentor

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