This Author Left Family Business to Pursue Passion For Writing

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Can you become an author and an entrepreneur at the same time? The term "author" is no longer means the same. The writers nowadays are branding themselves as an author by becoming an authorpreneur. Earlier, writers used to live by writing. But to be successful these days, just being an author is not enough.

In a conversation with Entrepreneur India, Nidhi Dalmia, the author of the recently released book 'Harp' shared his journey, challenges and few tips to become an Authorpreneur. Born into one of India's oldest industrialist families, he was brought up surrounded by a business and industry culture since childhood.His professional life exposed him to diverse business responsibilities, especially in the manufacturing sector.

  • Real Odds of Being an Author:

Writing is easy to do, but hard to learn.It's much difficult to write a book than people think. According to Nidhi, being an author is a difficult job but worth a try if this is what one really wants.

" Human beings have an infinite capacity for variety, richness. There are as many stories as there are people.A story has to be shared in a way that it gets and keeps the interest of the reader. It's a matter of effort, perseverance, style and many other factors. Certain things might succeed at one point of time and not at another," he said.

  • Journey From Industrialist to Author:

Nidhi spoke about his journey from an industrialist by profession to an author.

"Counterintuitively, it is not a difficult journey albeit the destinations are quite different. The most important part of the journey is faith. You are attempting something quite different. If you have a story to tell and can tell it in an interesting way, there is no reason that it won't succeed," he explained.

  • Five Steps To Become An Authorpreneur: The author also shared five key steps for aspiring writers wanting to become successful authorpreneur. Also, why the author needs to have an entrepreneurial mindset if they want long-term success.
  1. Ensure Your Success: It's important to ensure that as an entrepreneur one has succeeded to a reasonable extent. Otherwise, one can end up firefighting and that is hardly ideal for writing.
  2. Adaptation to External Environment: Business situations keep changing all the time. One has to keep adapting to changing circumstances and external environment.
  3. Establishing a management information System: Appropriate and adequate Management Information Systems should be in place so that the right information comes on time for monitoring and action as needed. A Management Information Systems (MIS) is the study of people, technology, organizations, and the relationships among them.
  4. Take Time: Market share, cash flow and business plans for at least the next year should be such that the entrepreneur who also wants to write can take this much time off.
  5. Let Your Imagination Run Free: The left and right sides of the brain are required for business and the process of writing . Both are creative but in different ways. One has to let the imagination go and stop thinking purely logically, for a while.