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This Entrepreneur Is the Go-to Source For Natural Luxury Hair Extensions Meet Rita Lowery, successful founder and owner of RITAHAIR extensions

By Evelyn Ron

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Company Handout

As a hair extension and color specialist at Giuseppe Franco Salon in Beverly Hills, Rita Lowery was accustomed to working with celebrity clients to achieve the ideal style for upcoming projects and appearances. She was driven to create the best possible experience for her clients, and that led her to research better types of hair extensions.

"I wanted something really, really good for my clients," Lowery says. "I was getting tired of having to deal with tangling and the issues I would get with the hair I always ordered. So I started searching for hair that would not do that, and the process to keep hair from doing that."

Because she was determined to find only the best products, she spent over a year and thousands of dollars trying different types of hair from collectors located all around the world. Her perseverance, drive, and focus on the highest quality are values that make RITAHAIR the go-to source for natural luxury hair extensions. Used by celebrities, clients planning a big event, and of course, their long-time clients who use the products daily, RITAHAIR is a brand that people can trust – and that begins with Rita Lowery herself.

"These celebrities, they have hundreds of companies that give them hair," Lowery says. "They have racks and racks of hair to choose from, so to choose my hair to put on is a really big deal."

Lowery uses only the highest quality, ethically sourced human hair, creating handmade extensions that deliver a natural, beautiful appearance. After years of research and trials, Lowery can definitively say that if you are using RITAHAIR, you are using the best.

"It is a luxury brand," Lowery says. "You won't get factory processed hair, or hair coated in silicone. Those look like plastic; they tangle and are a nightmare to deal with."

In addition to the quality of hair, Lowery adds personalized touches to her products which set RITAHAIR apart in a competitive industry. A true artist, Lowery has the ability to visualize color blends and match her hair extensions to the client's natural color. As a result, RITAHAIR extensions blend seamlessly into the client's own hair, producing a flawless look.

"When I do the extension colors, they are custom-colored by me when I receive it," Lowery says. "The blending is also done by me, and a lot of times when there are online orders, I put together the colors that I believe will best match that person."

As the owner of a luxury, boutique hair extension company, Lowery recognizes the investment that her clients are making in their hair extensions. She is committed to ensuring her clients all receive the highest return on that investment, providing a personalized, hands-on approach.

"We really customize for our clients because they are spending a lot of money," Lowery says. "Recently I sent out hair that I colored for a client, just by looking at a picture she sent me. I tried to match it as closely as I could and after I sent it, it matched perfectly.

"That is one thing we do that is different from other companies. We really want to personalize your look for you."

As the founder and owner of RITAHAIR, Lowery knows that the quality of her brand ultimately comes down to her. She welcomes the challenge and looks forward to future celebrities and clients experiencing the RITAHAIR difference.

"Our hair is super high-end and the best quality," Lowery says. "And our clients love using it."

To learn more about Rita Lowery and her luxury RITAHAIR Extensions, please visit www.ritaloweryhair.com or follow Rita Lowery on Instagram (@rlowery and @ritaloweryhair).
Evelyn Ron

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Evelyn Ron, CEO of Spectrum Aesthetics, founded the firm when she was just 21. She holds two degrees and plans to complete her third to become a nurse practitioner. Spectrum Aesthetics has performed over 100,000 surgeries over the last 12 years. Besides Spectrum Aesthetics, Evelyn is a mother of two daughters, who aims to further her education and set an example for her children. She is also excited to launch her new venture 1smile this 2022.
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