6 Learnings to Take With You in 2019

Rejections will help you take the next step forward towards the people or businesses who actually understand your true value which eventually leads to growth in all dimensions of your life

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By Pavan Badllani • Dec 12, 2018


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Here's something you already know. 2018 is about to end and 2019 is ready to change your lives forever. But so many of us, in spite of working our butts off, managing our jobs, business, relationships or finances have experienced their share of peaks and valleys in terms of our personal or professional life. Knowingly or unknowingly we've even cursed ourselves and created more self-doubt within us because we haven't achieved the results we said we would achieve in this year. To give you a great start once again and boost your self-confidence, here are 6 Learnings to take with you in 2019.

1. Overnight Success is an illusion

Overnight success is an illusion. In 2019, no matter, whatever it is that you're trying to create, whether successful businesses, powerful relationships, financial stability or physical and mental fitness. Nothing happens overnight. Every single day, you have to put in efforts to create the foundation of your success and most importantly, you need to start believing in yourself, auditing your strategies and tracking your progress on your way to becoming successful in any area of your life.

2. Self-discipline is the Golden Key to Success

Discipline is crucial to living a happy and healthy life. If you don't create self-discipline in your life or establish a strict routine, it'll cause physical and mental illness. Waking up early, exercising, eating right, prioritizing your tasks and sleeping on time are some of the key components of being disciplined. Make it a habit to sleep on time and wake up on time on a consistent basis, to begin with. Your success in the New Year majorly depends on this. If you're someone who makes excuses to not take care of your mind and body or you're too busy, ask yourself if your excuses will take care of you when you fall ill. Take charge of yourself and be disciplined. It'll change you and your outlook towards life.

3. Figure Out Your Finances.

With increasing expenses and impulse purchases, many of us have lost control of our finances. Every year we promise ourselves that we'll figure out our finances but somehow it doesn't happen. Invest your money instead of spending it. Figure out ways to earn passive income through partnership, investments, real estate etc which keeps generating income for you. And when you receive your paycheck, pay yourself first and then spend the rest of the money. Most people spend first, and then they become sad that they don't have any money left to save.

4. Massive Action > Overthinking

Massive action is the cure, all to your limiting beliefs. Overthinking ideas is a waste of time. If you want to change your fate, you have to change your state. How you feel about yourself or your ideas determines your future. Here is a pro tip for you. The very next time you have an idea to improve your life, simply execute the idea and see what follows. If it works well, do more of it. If it doesn't, don't do it again. Be simple in your approach and set your intentions right.

5. End Toxic Relationships

We all have toxic relationships. If they left you, when you needed them the most, it's their loss, not yours. Simply observe how somebody makes you feel. Be with people who inspire you and let go of people who put you down. If you don't laugh at the same joke again and again, why do you cry over the same people again and again?

6. Get used to Being Comfortable With Rejections

Our fear of rejection kills our growth instantly. Being rejected is a positive experience. There are many people who can reject you or businesses that will reject your proposals. These small rejections will help you take the next step forward towards the people or businesses who actually understand your true value which eventually leads to growth in all dimensions of your life.

These tips help you to kick-start a successful 2019 and always remember that your success and your failures are your responsibility.

Pavan Badllani

CEO, Motivational Speaker & Personality Development coach at Inspire me

Pavan Priakash Badllani is a Personality Development Coach, Graphology Expert, Motivational Speaker and author of over 13 personality development books.

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