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Top 5 Freelancing Jobs That Are Best Suited For Women A handful of options are available for women who want to work from home!

By Lisa Smith

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Freelancing is on a rise today as most of the free-thinking individuals prefer not to stay confined to the conventional daunting 9-5 job routine. Interestingly, it's the women who are more into freelancing jobs compared men. As per the studies, a whooping 53% of women today are happy freelancers and their Success Stories inspire millions of others to do the same. The primary reason is that a freelancing career allows them to work on their own pace. By mid-30s, almost all women out there are busy moms, heavily involved with family lives. Such a situation often makes it difficult for them to work under the strict confinement of a 9-5 job. They would have to take their kids to doctors, check their homework and harsh truth is that- no matter how supportive husbands are today- most of the major domestic chores are handled by women. So, the fairer sex is always the busier one and hence need to work at their own rhythm which is only viable with a freelancing job.

Here is a list of top 5 freelancing jobs that are best for women-

Content writing

With the world getting steadily digital and people getting increasingly inclined to internet for every information, content writing freelancing jobs are catching up fast with women. There are several blogs, websites and article directories in need of quality content and you have amazing opportunities here. The best part is that the digital world offers content writing projects on any and every topic out there. So, whether you have a legal background or a tech one, whether you are deeply interested in social science or it's the marketing thing that fascinates- you will find content writing projects for anything. The rates would range from 0.03-0.25 USD per word.

Women, by nature, are calm and composed - the very temperament much needed for a writing job and no wonder, most of the content writers today are women. There are websites that offer work for both ENL and ESL writers and hence you won't have to worry if English is not your native language. However, it's true that the ENL writers are paid higher than the ESL writers. If you are planning a freelancing career in content writing, it's suggested that you must start studying good articles and similar pieces to hone up your pen power.

Event planning

Event planning is another popular freelancing job for women now. It's a busy life today and gone are the days when we could have all the time to plan and organize our parties. Thus, there is a growing demand for event planners, especially for the elaborate affairs. Of all the events, it's definitely the wedding planning which is the most popular. However, event planners are also in demand for corporate gala parties, conferences, seminars, grand-scale cultural events or concerts, theme parties and so on. The event planners would have to take care of every single aspect of the event - ranging from venue decoration to arranging food and refreshments to planning the music to getting the photographer and many more. Women by nature are organized and masters at planning things in order. It's little wonder that they are the most eligible suitors for event planning.

If you are leading a packed life, I would suggest you to focus on one specific type of event planning rather than covering all types of events. Begin with small scale events and as you start gathering experience, you can gradually move over to the big events. However, since event planning is always an elaborate responsibility, you would need to work in a team.

Homemade Food delivery

Next to shopping, cooking is the most nurtured passions in women. Almost every woman out there spend some time in the kitchen at some hour of the day. So, if you have a zeal for the culinary delights and you won't mind cooking on a large scale, the food delivery business would be the thing for you. Most of us are hardly interested to get to the kitchen after a long tiring day at office. In such circumstances, we usually pray for some magic genie to churn up a palatable dinner as we relax before the TV. Yes, there are restaurants but it's not right to have restaurant-quality food everyday and people staying alone crave for homemade meals. And since women hold a natural passion for cooking, homemade food delivery is really the "in" thing now for many of them into freelancing.

Added to regular meals, you might also get orders to cook for small-scale parties. Some of the clients would b happy to get the food delivered from your home or else you might be invited to whip up the dishes at their kitchens. If you are considering a career here, it's best to spread the word with your own website and take to viral marketing over the social media world.

Make-up artist

Make-up is anyday a beautiful art and is usually a lovely synonym for women. The fairer sex knows how to represent themselves at their best with a few powder puffs and blusher strokes - no wonder, a lot of women looking for an independent career are happily working as freelancing make-up artists. Since time immemorial, there has been a huge demand for make-up in anything involving women and the demand has only enhanced with each passing year. Today make-up is even more important when the contemporary society stress much on grooming and how you make yourself appear, counts.

As a freelancing make-up artist, you will find a good host of orders from wedding parties. It's best if you can stay in touch with event planners as these planners have to handle the make-up responsibilities of the clients as well. Besides, the fashion events and premier red carpet events also need expert make-up artists. To hone up your make-up skills, it's advisable that you stay updated about the latest make-up trends, techniques and tools. Besides, you would also need to learn about the most suitable make-up regimen for different occasions, moods and complexions. It would be great, if you start off with a standard course from an expert make-up artist.

Online tutoring

The modern digital era has brought every aspect of our life online, including learning. It presents an amazing opportunity for tutors eager to impart their teaching online. The web world hosts a good range of tutorials on almost anything- so whatever be your expertise, be it cooking or an exotic language or dancing or technology - you always have great scopes to channelize the online medium to impart your knowledge or training and earn some handy bucks in turn. You would simply have to upload the videos online that your students can check in free time or you can also provide live video tutoring sessions.

The best part about being a freelancing online tutor is that you can mould your teaching time as per your existing routine. Besides, since everything would be taking place online, you won't need to leave your home and so with your students. This way, you would be able to reach out to a good host of overseas students as well, thereby expanding your student base. Another awesome thing about being a freelance online tutor is that you get to decide how many students you are going to teach and what. Had you been associated with a tutorial center, you have to abide by the organization's rules only.

All the freelancing jobs mentioned above do not call for any elaborate infrastructure and can be performed in hands with your different domestic and parental responsibilities. Interestingly, women freelancers today are securing most of the freelancing works and at some platforms they are even earning 22 percent more compared to the male counterparts.

Lisa Smith

Designer, Content Writer

Lisa is a Designer by profession, has love for creativity, and enjoys writing articles for almost all topics. Also, she is a regular contributor to Template.net  where you can find her favorite topics related to Themes and Templates. 

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