What To Look Forward To In 2024? Navya Naveli Nanda, Nirvaan Birla And Deepshikha Deshmukh Tell Us It would interesting to see how many people actually stick to their resolutions which include everything from losing weight, climbing the Himalayas, reach Milind Soman fitness levels or retire by 40 and relax on a faraway island.

By Kabir Singh Bhandari

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It's that time when we all make grand plans of how we shall conquer the world….but only next year. It would interesting to see how many people actually stick to their resolutions which include everything from losing weight, climbing the Himalayas, reach Milind Soman fitness levels or retire by 40 and relax on a faraway island.

For entrepreneurs, who are literally involved in their work 24*7, many a time the professional takes precedence over the personal goals. Either ways, for 2024, what is that significant change they shall make via their organizations, inside or outside, which is vital for them?

Focussing On Sustainability

For Navya Naveli Nanda, co-founder of the non-profit start-up Aara Health and Project Naveli, the New Year is going to be about focussing on sustainability. To start with, they are going to be working in the agriculture industry at Escorts Kubota, an area they are committed towards as a group. The questions they shall work towards solving is how they can create a sustainable ecosystem both for the farmers and the environment, through new farming practices, products specifications and social impact.

Similarly, regarding Project Naveli, Navya says that the focus is largely going to be about creating sustainable communities where they can see growth in the multiple projects through the beneficiaries themselves. "How can we provide the tools and opportunities for our beneficiaries to be self-sufficient in their respective endeavours through the support of our organisation, moving beyond a one-time structure of support, to a more sustainable and longer term model of social impact," Navya says.

Relooking At Leadership

Things are a bit different when you're someone from the film world and also happen to be an entrepreneur. Film producer Deepshikha Deshmukh, whose recent films include the immersive Akshay Kumar starrer Mission Raniganj is also the founder of skincare brand Love Organically. Her plans include exploring different projects, strategies and implement creative marketing strategies. On the personal front she wants to focus on her personal growth and work on her health. "But more so, I want to break the myth that leadership is only leading from the front. This is something that I really want my team and everybody around to adapt to. I want them to know that you can lead and inspire without being the de facto team leader. The other important thing is managing failure. This is something that no one really tells you how to deal with. It's something that each one has to learn on their own. And you know, when I meet people who set up their own enterprises or who are rightful entrepreneurs today, I always want to know about their failures rather than their successes," Deepshikha narrated to us.

She feels that constructed post-mortems are integral as they are real life lessons. More than personally, she feels that people need to realize that you need an outside perspective, particularly in large high risk projects. And how does one go about this? Get someone who's judgement you trust- preferably, someone without any vested interests.

The Spiritual Connect

So we have tick marks on personal growth, health, work related goals and habits. But let's step back a bit and look at the actual night- New Year's eve. And by that I don't mean the usual high profile parties at nightclubs, intimate house gatherings or other joints where you shout yourself hoarse and end up exposing not so lovely parts of your personality to unknown guests.

What's something different to do which we all could consider?

Nirvaan Birla, Founder and Managing Director, Birla Open Minds Education and Birla Brainiacs offers a refreshing viewpoint. Along with family and close friends, he spends every year in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. "We have a house there by the banks of the Ganga. There's no better feeling than to be surrounded by those who are very close to my heart and who have been with us through thick and thin with. The entire energy about Rishikesh is just lovely. Whatever troubles you have immediately just dissolve there. It's an amazing feeling. Every New Year's we organize a small satsang, where I myself sing, and there are few other singers and musicians. And we all bring in the New Year's, singing songs and bhajans of the divine by the banks of the Ganga," Nirvaan says.

Being an entrepreneur, he feels it's one of the best places to recharge, gather your thoughts, strengthen your resolve and get that added clarity you need to bring in the next year with more strength and conviction. Along with everything mentioned above, they also bathe in the Ganges, an activity he finds invigorating.

Does It Fit?

While we all have our personal and professional aims going into the new year, how many of the above pointers would make sense to incorporate into our own lives? Whether it is being more sustainable, not procrastinating or recharging, think about what you need the most at this point, and let's steer ahead. Happy New Year!

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