#5 Offbeat Destinations That Indian Start-up CEOs Are Picking To Relax & De-stress

Where are the Indian CEOs relaxing and de-stressing themselves?

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Travelling often calms down the chaotic brain and makes us more productive and innovative in our approach to work. Start-up CEOs, however, seldom get this opportunity to spend some quiet time, be it sitting amid lush greenery, atop some beautiful hill or watching a sunset while relaxing at a calm beach. But, when they get a chance to unwind, they make the most of it!

Such a pause from work can offer a reprieve from the rigors of the corporate environment. Simultaneously this offers others in the organization to hold-the-fort in the interim period and thereby creates more leaders. But where are the start-up CEOs heading? Entrepreneur India spoke to Gunjan Indrayan, Director & Co-Founder, Tripoetic Travel Planner, who reveals what's gaining popularity among them.


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If you thought Japan was about endless helpings of Sushi, come out of the cliché. Tokyo has a variety of experiences to offer. It boasts a wonderful selection of gardens and parks, including the famous Shinjuku Gyoen.

For those seeking tranquility as well as rich religious and historical context, Gunjan Indrayan says that Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples are a must-see.

"Visit Mt. Fuji, Japan's most iconic sight and take a boat cruise on the Lake Ashi that will make the soul happy. Another popular place to visit in Japan is Kyoto, it has large wooden temples and several statues and shrines. Even the famous Himeji Castle can be visited as a day trip from Kyoto," he said.


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Russia is one of those few destinations that need no introduction. Known for many attractive sights like St. Petersburg and Moscowm, the magnificent Kremlin, the bustling Red square and the legendary St. Basil's Cathedral are obvious must do's when visiting Moscow. Looking to chill then indulge in a pub crawl and experience the nightlife of the Russian capital.

"To see the most diverse collections of art in the world, one should visit the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg to understand the beauty of Russian art. Next, you can visit Novgorod near St. Petersburg that has the famous 11th-century St. Sophia's Cathedral and Novgorod's own buzzing Kremlin," he shares.


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Croatia is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world offering memorable sights and vistas. One of the world's most magnificent walled cities, Dubrovnik is a charming place with clear waters, elegant churches, and ancient architecture.

"If you plan to do something else, one can also take a ferry ride to the spectacular Elafiti Islands. Biking in Croatia is a great way to leisurely explore the countryside. Relax on the pristine coastline or scuba dive on the colourful Adriatic reefs just off Korcula's beaches. With delightful towns like Split, Zadar, and Hvar, the list of Croatian destinations is long!" he suggests.


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Nairobi, Kenya is liked by travellers for its unique way of pleasing a visitor. Its natural beauty and wildlife offer something that cannot be matched with any other place. When in Kenya, one should visit the popular Nairobi National Park that houses more than 50 species of mammals, including the rare black rhino, and over 400 species of birds.

Indrayan says when it comes to staying one should pick a uber-luxury resort in Masai Mara, the famous national reserve of Kenya. "View some incredible wildlife including elephants, lions, leopards and many more during the day and relax in your luxury lodge's private pool in the evening," he adds.


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If Argentina is on your checklist, make sure you visit the beautiful capital city of Buenos Aires. Stunning architecture, charming neighbourhoods, fashion loving trendy people and intimate sidewalk cafes are just some of the reasons why Buenos Aires is often called the Paris of South America. Meander through San Telmo's cobbled streets and shake a leg at the Tango complex.

"Don't miss on exploring the essence of Buenos Aires at La Boca, with colourful streets, artwork, live music, and tango dancing. Drive to the End of the World in Patagonia, where vast remote land will help you disconnect from the world while the picturesque landscape will make you wonder why this destination isn't more popular," he said.

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