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5 Easy Ways Of Marketing Startups Without Paying Through Your Nose Some affordable (and inexpensive) marketing tips for startups.

By Mudit Vijayvergiya

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If you're wondering how to promote your startup with a low budget, then put your fears at bay. You can invest in the promotion and marketing of your business venture with satisfactory results, even without burning a hole in your pocket. In fact, the most effective ways to make it a success, require very little investment and loads of creativity. Thinking unconventionally and out of the box is half the battle won.

Here are five affordable (and inexpensive) marketing tips for startups.

Partnerships Go A Long Way

Partnering and co-branding with the right brand dealing with similar products is of utmost importance. For example, Google tied up with Netscape in its initial days, the collaboration resulted in a win-win situation for both, as both brands functioned on similar strengths and market-standing. Uber partnered with a lot of technological events when it started, the partnership resulted in phenomenal word of mouth amongst the early adopters. Marketing through partnerships will not only broaden the reach of your target audience, but also save money and broaden the spectrum of the brand marketing team. The entire purpose is to create a link between the audience and your business venture, thus bringing them close to your startup.

Content Matters

Many marketers confuse 'content' with SEO or organic traffic only. Content also refers to a deep understanding of how traction is built through the power of content. It's a tough job, but results in great scalability and sustainability. The current leading example of phenomenal traction is HubSpot. The way they have managed to achieve leads, with determined focus on creating high-value content is highly appreciable. Content marketing is one of the most overlooked investments in a startup today. Content should not be tested by throwing messages against the wall and seeing what sticks. To efficiently brand and market your startup, you should have thorough knowledge of the industry, with ability to articulate unique selling propositions. All businesses look to boost their own customer experience, so you have to contribute supplemental material to them so that you stand to profit.

Social Media To The Rescue

Piggyback on existing Social Media platforms and use the existing clout to your advantage. Join relevant groups and forums on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, which are close to the value proposition of your product. Understand how the audience community on each platform behaves, and then engage with them accordingly. Communicate with them in their lingo, answer their queries, and introduce them to your brand subtly. The savvy community on these platforms understand the product value well, and can shoot up traction significantly. By regularly streaming interesting content and sharing it within these social networks, the depth of the engagement grows manifold.

Let Unconventional PR Be the Norm

Disrupt the order to get a word out in the media. Pick an ongoing event or conversation receiving high coverage and attention. Mould the conversation in your favour, and use it to subtly promote your brand. On-ground activities in public places can also be organized free-of-cost to promote your product. Give your customers something personal, remarkable, and reliable to dig into.

Let The Spokesperson Do The Talking

Identify relevant and influential spokespersons from the industry, keep a track on who people follow and look up to, whose opinions matter and are greatly respected. Enthrall those spokespersons with your brand proposition, get them interested in your product, so that they can't hold back from talking about it in their social clout. Lure them with the chance to experience your product for free, and that will definitely make them talk about it.

Having knowledge and a clear vision of what you wish to achieve from your marketing efforts, helps you pick the best of tactics to apply. Marketing your startup in a competitive economy like the current one is undeniably tough, but these five steps will help you sail through the rough times.

Mudit Vijayvergiya

Co-founder, Curofy

Mudit is a dual degree graduate in chemical engineering from IIT Delhi. He is passionate about sports and travelling. While at college, multiple internships with healthcare startups exposed him to the ground realities of the sector in India and that gave birth to Curofy.

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