How a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy Can Convert Crowd into Customers

Strategy for any business, be it a business of a food service industry or other, has two fundamental processes - formulation and implementation

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Let me first analyze the term "strategy'...


The term "strategy' in the marketing has been derived from the planning being followed in the warfare and this word coined in the marketing management as a branch of study probably in the '60s.

Until the '60s, there was hardly anyone who could imagine or relate the words like "Strategy and Competition'.

In today's modern business planning, strategy has become a core element and much depends on how a strategy for a business is planned and thought out.

Strategy for any business, be it a business of a food service industry or other, has two fundamental processes — formulation and implementation.

Well, food service industry is gaining much popularity nowadays simply because of the increased use of internet and tastes of people has gone global rather than regional. Before going into the detailed discussion about the strategy for eateries business, the following facts are required to be clear at the outset:

  • Food Services Industry is a highly unorganized business sector.
  • The tastes and preferences and food habits in terms of cuisines differ from people to people and region to region.
  • This is perhaps only the industry with the widest scope of business expansion as it is related basically to the basic need of food.
  • Most people prefer the tastes and not the dish and now that too based on the reviews expressed on social media platforms. So you need to have studied thoroughly this area.
  • The prime concern is also the services catered by a food chain besides maintaining the quality and tastes.

Now, let us have an idea how digital marketing will benefit you if you are in the business of food service industry.

  1. The first process: The formulation of a strategy will be easier and faster as the data and figures will be available on the screen of your device with precision and perfection.
  2. You will be able to plan out a sound proactive strategy with the analysis made by the digital marketers how and what type of the foodies you will get a sure shot success. For example, with digital marketing, you will be able to know where you are going to sell Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, or native Indian dishes. This is nothing but the second important process of a strategy- implementation.
  3. Approximately, 90% people with smartphone do take care to look at the available food-chains and based on the reviews, they decide the place to go for a light breakfast or a heavy dinner or lunch. Here comes the digital marketing agency which will help you stay on the desired rank on the social media platform.
  4. The Indian food service industry is expected to grow up to $ 68 billion latest by the end of 2018 and that too with the surplus disposable income. In the context of this, the majority of the end-users prefer social media to get and share their lunching and dining experiences with their formal as well as informal groups. A well thought out digital marketing plan will rocket your market share in no time.
  5. Digital marketing will be a determinant factor in your total market share as 80% prefer to check online the restaurant they are visiting for the first time. Moreover, they do take into consideration what others have their say about the services and food experiences of a particular restaurant or a food chain.

A sound strategy should be both proactive as well as reactive considering the situation you are going to face in today's tightly competitive market. No plan or intuition works until and unless they are backed by a deep research and conscious promotional efforts.

Digital marketing is sure to influence the decisions of the customers that are to visit your restaurant due to the increasing trend of using the internet and mobile devices in this regard.