The Relationship Between Marketing and Design in the Fashion Industry

Marketing is like telling a story of a product whereas design is the making of that product or service to be visualised by the customer

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By Haresh Mirpuri • Oct 17, 2018


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Two core components of the internal team of any brand in the fashion industry are Marketing and Design. With the industry evolving and adapting itself to the ever-changing trends and the wants of the consumers, it becomes vital to have a team of designers who can work in cordial coordination with the marketing department. Having said that, it is essential for people in this industry to understand the progressive nature of design-based products and the need to cope up with the emerging trends.

Marketing is the function of telling the story of a product or a service provided by the company to its customers whereas design is the making of that product or service in such a way that the story may be visualised by the customer. Both have a common purpose: Being worthy of a story.

Role of Designing :

The design is an essential component of the Fashion business, enables the customers to select and construct their own identities. While working on the design in the fashion industry, one should always seek to find ways to convey a message. That message could be as simple as the colours of a festival or of a region. The design team then works on materials that can help incorporate the elements of the story into the product. For instance, if one were to convey the snow leopard, one could use the handloom fabric to weave a tiger skin pattern in black and white.

Role of Marketing :

The Marketing team then create the visuals of an elegant snow leopard and then showing the fabric would entail the customer to view the beauty of the fabric design. This is a very simplistic way to show how marketing can help convey a beautiful story of the design team's intent to the minds of the customers.

Marketing and Designing going hand in hand

Design and marketing have to work hand in hand. Marketing provides input to the design on what the market is looking for. The design takes that input, processes the same in the most creative way and gives that output to Marketing. Marketing then packages that output provided by the design team packages the same in the best possible manner to tell the story and services the

same to the customer. In the fashion industry, this is a continuous flow of input and output. Of course, this is a very simple way to showcase the continuous inertia between Marketing and Design in the fashion industry.

Haresh Mirpuri

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Mr. Haresh Mirpuri started his journey in the clothing industry while taking his father’s legacy foward in Indonesia in the Garment Manufacturing and Export Department. He started the spinning mill in 1996 and soon became the finest producer of Open End Yarn in Asia.

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