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Increase Your Conversion Rates By Following These Seven Strategies Given by the top telemarketers.

By Michael

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Increasing the conversion rates is the most crucial and important task for a telemarketer of any industry. And having a really good conversion rate is the foundation of high sales volume. Say for example your goal here is to increase by 50 per cent and how would you do it.

Is it by advertising, producing more content by 50 per cent or by 50 per cent more time, effort and money into marketing.In short, if you have two conversions and are going to three you are then actually uplifting 50 per cent in results. So do you what your competitors have been using and what new have they been trying in order to stay ahead of their competitors.Then have a look at these.

Clearly stating the benefits of all your products and services:Listing out the features of your products and services is important, but even more important here is to tell the potential customers how your product would provide them with a solution to solve their problem.

Paying careful attention to your headline:Your headline is generally considered to be the single most element of your landing page. So try and brainstorm at least 10 possibilities before you go ahead and choose a headline for your landing page.

Telling your customers what exactly they would be getting:Provide your visitors with each and every bit of information they would need to know in terms of your products and services. What features of benefits does it have, and what makes it different from others. What does it look like and what are the possible uses. Who else could gain benefits from it and how would it be delivered.

Making your contact page engaging enough:Just because you have managed to get a few users for your landing page, that does not mean you should stop paying attention to the other most important details of your landing page. The brand colors and designs here should be kept consistent so that the users will feel that they are on the right path. One more important thing also that needs to be added along with the contact us page is thank you page as an opportunity to sell your products and services.

Explaining the benefits to your customers:In 2009 Hurtigruten launched their process of online booking. And in order to increase the number for their online booking they created a page that outlined all the available cruises that linked directly into the online booking process. For about 1.5 years the page continued to receive 300 visits in a day, and in order to get things improved, they explained to visitors of how things were actually carried forward. They created a list of 5 major reasons as to why someone has to come forward and book online like no online booking fees, online booking guarantee, 100% secured ordered process and the last but not the least easy to use booking system. It was these benefits that took less than 5 minutes in order to increase in the online sales with approximately 100,000$ per year.

Considering the email preview: Ensure that the message you are trying to deliver through the emails can be read without downloading the images.A large number of individuals through emails would disregard emails if they would really have to download the images.

Offering them with different payment option:Though this is something that might sound to be obvious, you need to make sure that you offer the users with some reasonable selection methods of making payments. Not every one of them would have credit cards available with them and a few would not want to use it. You don't have to accept cheques but when it come to the payment methods consider different alternatives through which they could make payments.

To conclude one of the best ways of increasing the conversion rate here is to add some consumer reviews to your store, as they are the best ways of increasing sales, having an excellent positive effect on your search engine optimization work.


Marketing Manager, Ampliz

Michael is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz, specializing in email and marketing database management software, editing blogs, case studies, and guides.  He tries to make the world just a bit more pleasant enough by working on strategies that would help them prevent and eliminate spam in terms of email marketing.

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