Content Marketing – An Invincible Sword Made Of Valyrian Steel Content marketing as we see it today is like the Valyrian steel that is needed to kill the white walkers (the other brands).

By Siddharth Kadri

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We have heard it before that Content is King, but marketing the content in the right way is the job of a kingmaker. More than ever before, brands across industries are exploring how content can aid business. The world as we know today is witnessing a fundamental change in the way people communicate. The way we consume information is also undergoing a rapid change.

A majority of global adults now use social media platforms as their primary source of news. Mind you, they also pay heed to funny cat and puppy videos. If we look at the current trends, brands are creating click baits and not just good content.

Content marketing as we see it today is like the Valyrian steel that is needed to kill the white walkers (the other brands). Content without strategy is just like any other sword that won't kill the white walkers but will just help them make more advances. In corporate lingo, it is termed as mere "gyaan' and the world has enough of "gyaan' already. The art is not in what you market, but in how you market.

Content marketing is more of a commitment and not a campaign. You need to keep it simple yet memorable. The consumer should be able to find an instant connect with it. They must feel that " this was specifically created for me". When it comes to content the concept of no one shoe fits all can be applied. Everything needs to be custom made. Some points that you may want to keep in mind are –

  1. Create a niche for your brand
  2. Have a voice and tone that is personal
  3. Have platform-specific content and don't broadcast the same message everywhere
  4. Engage with your audience

When creating content think about the way people engage with politicians, find a new partner using online dating, educate themselves at a university halfway around the world, work for a boss in a different country, or transfer money without even talking to their bank. To say that therefore, whatever type of business you are in, if you want customers or potential customers to know what you are offering, you need to be engaging with the media that most people are consulting.

Here's an Example of How GoPro has been Doing an Amazing Job with their Visual Content

Visual content is increasingly powerful. Infographics and visual content will boost traffic, and GoPro knows it. Their marketing strategy is all about quality: quality visual content and quality products. Their prime focus is on the user. What do their customers love? Visuals, really great visuals. So that's what they provide.

They have 5.1 million subscribers on YouTube and 13.3 million followers on Instagram. These numbers are proof enough of the visual pudding that GoPro has to offer.

What can you learn from GoPro? Well When used properly, images, infographics, and other visual content can potentially double traffic. According to entrepreneur Neil Patel, posts with photos are proven to engage users more than those without. You see a funny/great/slightly weird picture or meme on social media and you share it. It creates a personal connection, and it works. The bottom-line being, if the content is king! Content marketing is the sword that creates the legend.

Siddharth Kadri

Vice President- Communications & Strategic Alliances - First Economy

Siddharth has been in the Marketing & Communications business for almost a decade and has managed the communications mandate for clients across industries. An MSc in International Business from Robert Gordon University, Scotland, he has been instrumental in setting up social/digital media campaigns and processes for leading industry players like Maharashtra 1TV (Marathi News Channel), Mumbai Congress, HRH Group of Hotels and many more. He was recently nominated for the Young Gun Award in the Exchange4Media Indian Content Marketing Awards 2017.

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