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Move Over Traditional Marketing, It's Time to Blog on Medium Unlike traditional marketing channels that have several limitations, Medium helps brands to broaden customer reach.

By Nidhi Singh

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As a millennial, you must have heard of blogging? It's one of the most groovy forms of communication which simply means an informal online journal, typically run by an individual or small group to spread a message. Too often, people neglect the importance of this powerful medium but if you're an entrepreneur just starting out then don't miss out on this opportunity.

For startups, Medium can serve as a perfect platform for blogging. Unlike traditional marketing channels that have several limitations, Medium helps brands to broaden customer reach. Additionally, the best feature of the platform is that it is free of cost and offers to create your own custom domain name.

Entrepreneur India spoke to few entrepreneurs to know how this platform has benefitted their startup. The founders also shared what the response has been so far in regards to blogging on medium.

No More Social Media Promotion – Just Medium:

Ananda Verma, Founder & CEO, Fasal uses Medium extensively to spread stories about their product & development. For Verma, one of the biggest advantages of leveraging Medium over normal blogging strategies is that he doesn't have to rely on social media promotion or backlinks to get our content in front of more people. Similarly, through Medium's internal discoverability features, the startup's published stories are sent to the feed of our target audience.

"Therefore, I think every startup should be on medium because setting up a blog on other platforms like Wordpress etc. can be cumbersome. Also, it needs more work in terms of acquiring a decent reader base. Not to mention the SEO effort and other nitty gritty involved in setting up your own blog," he said.

Find The Right Customers:

Many entrepreneurs have a habit of sharing their experiences and business insights on various online platforms. Likewise, Mayank Pratap, Founder, Engineerbabu (an IT solutions company), writes on Medium, Linkedin to share his learning, culture, problems, solutions that help him to get right customers and employees.

"Sharing is caring, thus we share openly how we solved hiring, team membership problems. Many people appreciated this concept and few people suggested alternative suggestions. Our 100 percent projects come through inbound, people read about us, and they love our vision. For me, Medium is a great platform. We have shared our story in StartupGrind and Hackernoon, one of the most popular medium channels," he said.

The company has recently started its own medium channel through which they will be sharing all in and out of the company.

Attract Best Talent:

Fynd Co-Founder Harsh Shah's motive of maintaining a blog was to create a platform for people outside to see and learn what is going on inside the company.

"A blog for Fynd was always something that we as founders we were keen on. It was also a platform for our team to share the work that we are doing in a way that would help others who are solving similar problems. For us, Medium was a best tool due to the simple nature of publishing and discovering content, "shared Shah

He also went on to say that Fynd has a lot of readership on their blogs and it serves as a great tool for the startup to attract great talent to come and work with them at Fynd. Moreover, Shah believes Medium has been something that has started to define the Fynd culture and identity.

Nidhi Singh

Former Correspondent, Entrepreneur Asia-Pacific

A self confessed Bollywood Lover, Travel junkie and Food Evangelist.I like travelling and I believe it is very important to take ones mind off the daily monotony .

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