This is How You Should Pitch to Women Customers Budding entrepreneurs need to keep a few points in mind about selling to women successfully.

By Shahnaz Husain

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As an entrepreneur in a women-centric enterprise for over four decades, I have found that women constitute one of the largest emerging markets. Women have the final say as consumers, not only for themselves, but also for the family.

They make the purchases for home, children and elders. They are the ones who spend from the family budget. Also, their own purchasing power has steadily increased. As such, budding entrepreneurs and marketing people need to keep a few points in mind about selling to women successfully.

Branding, branding, branding:

In today's consumerist market, branding is crucial. Consumers go for brand names because they carry an assurance of trust and quality. Therefore, establishing brand identity and brand loyalty is important. The brand can also be developed to appeal to women, in terms of the logo and commercial advertisements.

Create a good first impression:

As in most areas, the first impression always counts. This is true with everyone, but more so with women. If women develop confidence and trust in you, more than half the battle is won. They can be very loyal and may even become a customer or client for life.

Your appearance counts. If you are on the direct-selling side, you should be professionally and neatly groomed. Your demeanour should be friendly, but self-assured. You should come across as someone who has confidence in the product. And yet, you should appear sincere and helpful.

Women take longer to make purchasing decisions, so you need to be patient. Give her the information she needs, in terms of special offers and discounts, if any. An understanding of a woman's needs is essential. Subtly, try to build a long-term relationship.

Stay tuned:

Keeping abreast of developments and new trends in your business is important. That's because your women customers, too, are keeping a keen eye on them. Keeping a trend in mind actually helps in developing a unique selling point.

Your products should answer current trends and demands. And so you have to tailor your products and new launches to suit trends as well as emerging markets. For instance, in today's world of online shopping, it has become necessary to increase the appeal of the products online, with attractive content, photographs and offers. Women are extremely keen online shoppers.

Especially for women:

If women form a large percentage of your consumer market, take into consideration what appeals to women. For instance, I did not rely on commercial advertisements. Instead, I relied on word-of-mouth, because a satisfied client is the best advertisement.

My products were available at my herbal salon. My strategy allowed me to interact personally with the client and consumer. Since women like to interact and talk to others, they often recommend products or services to their friends.

Service them well:

Women are also more interested in good customer service or customer care. Very often, they associate personal interaction, or advice, as part of value-for-money for the product. For instance, at our salon, we give free consultation.

Our trained therapists examine skin or hair and recommend products or treatments. The aim in selling to women means trying to establish a long-term relationship. Show her that you care, not for her purchasing power, but in building a relationship of trust and loyalty.

(As told to Prerna Raturi)

Shahnaz Husain

CEO, Shahnaz Herbals Inc.

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