This is How SaaS Startups Can Improve Their Visibility One of the many things you have to do to ensure your Topic Authority (TA) gets you to the top of the search results page is to implement the content SILO strategy

By Suresh Sambandam

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Among the most effective marketing hacks for enterprise SaaS companies, which include user intents and topic Authority, there are two other best-kept secrets that are sure to give your inbound marketing model that extra edge.

Read on to find out what these are and how you can use them to grow your organic traffic.

No SILO? You are Missing 10x Visitors

One of the many things you have to do to ensure your Topic Authority (TA) gets you to the top of the search results page is to implement the content SILO strategy. Most content on your blog is organized like a haphazard network of content. Pretty much all websites have a URL like and they dump all their written content under that URL.

While there is nothing wrong with doing that, you are not giving Google any clue about the topics under a blog. If blogs can be systematically organized, you can make it easy for Google to crawl and discover the topics and build a good TA score for your site. This kind of organizing takes more conviction to do, in addition to a large amount of effort. Existing blogs will suffer from lower keyword rank positions during the migration period.

Introducing "Visual Blog', the engagement accelerator!

Most companies spend a substantial amount of effort in creating content. To create a decent content oriented piece, it requires all-around effort across a multi-disciplinary team. It goes through the hands of the marketing lead, who does the briefing; the writer who creates the content; the graphic designer who creates the necessary visuals; the editor who proof-reads and approves the content; the SEO specialist for on-page optimization and so on. Of course I am talking about a scaled-up marketing team here. In very early-stage startups, one or two people double up to play these roles.

Despite so much effort in creating the content, you can see most content pieces get very less attention of the users. Also, the most important thing is that Google tends to take note of how the visitor is engaging with the content. Metrics like time spent on a page and page scrolls are a legacy. More than 90% of the content out there is mostly short form or long form text embedded with images. But there is scope for innovation here, and do something very different!

Instead of creating the regular text-based blogs, you can create a visual representation of your content; you can master-mind user engagement sections into this "visual blog'. You can introduce small gamification embedded in it that allows visitors to click and play with it. This also exposes some additional content for each of the visitor engagements. Given that Google Analytics is watching what the visitor is doing on a page, the visual blog sends enough signals to inform Google that the user is engaging highly with the blog. The result: the position of these pages slowly ranks up in the search results too. Not just that, the visitors get so impressed with the quality of the visual blog and level of engagement, that it automatically takes their attention beyond the content they came for and persuades them to go to your homepage and even sign-up for a product trial. Boom! That is mission accomplished!

Suresh Sambandam

Founder & CEO, OrangeScape

Sambandam is the founder and CEO of OrangeScape, a home-grown company offering SaaS solutions. OrangeScape, a cloud pioneer based in India, is one of 10 global platform-as-a-service (PaaS) companies that has been featured in Gartner and Forrester reports. The company’s flagship product, KiSSFLOW, has 10,000-plus customers across 121 countries.  Sambandam has been an entrepreneur since age 19. After an initial entrepreneurial stint, he went on to work at Hewlett-Packar and Selectica. He is a regular speaker at various industry forums and academic institutions, and a co-founder of SaaSx, an engagement platform for SaaS entrepreneurs.

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