Planning Social Media Marketing: How to Plan your Day? Developing your presence on social media is an asset for you to develop a successful business

By Subhasis Chatterjee

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Social media marketing (SMM) is essential for the business every day. Experts have been stressing over the need of SMM for long. Start with setting up a social media profile and once you are done with it, plan your marketing tasks and execute them into action. Either do it by yourself or hire a team of experts that could assist you in handling this task.

What is Needed?

Developing your presence on social media is an asset for you to develop a successful business. Either you go for online or offline or both, that depends on the nature and need of the business. Facebook and Twitter are two most important platforms for maintaining a competitive strategy. Also, Instagram and Pinterest are proving out to be advantageous from the business point of view. Google plus, although is not so popular still could help you a lot when it comes to social marketing.

It's often seen that start-ups do not have active social media profiles because of which they miss out too many business opportunities. Social media marketing or internet marketing is the need of the hour.

Now if you want to be successful, you need to know where your present and potential customers spend most of the time. Through social media, we have an idea of what is needed and how are we going to satisfy those needs.

Define your Business

The primary task is to define your business by stating your business goals and objectives. Define your targets you need to accomplish this year. Answer the following questions and get the feedback:

How will social media help you to accomplish your goals?

How can social media direct you to your path of success?

Is your social media profile consistent with your work culture?

What other questions could help you know where you are and where will social media take you to?

Once you have made your profile, create some social marketing campaigns which may help you to achieve your desired goals and loyalty towards your brand.

Your social media plan should be constructed by considering following tasks:

Creation of budgets

Planning campaigns

Uploading live videos Creating brand awareness and loyalty

Buyer Profile and Service

Your buyer profile will include details like who are your target audience, where they are, their brand preferences etc. By understanding those aspects, you will be able to direct your social media marketing plans.

Social Media Calendar

All the variables which you have studied in your buyer profile will direct you in developing your social media marketing calendar. You will be able to know who are going to be benefitted from your marketing efforts. Hence you will less likely waste your time in those areas where your social marketing is of no use.

Content Management

Here is a list of variables for any sort of social media marketing plan:

Content created in time (videos, blogs etc.)

Archived content which is still valuable for your target customers and to you

Content of some other people

Any sort of inspirational quotes or messages

Your personal stories or experiences

Office events and programme

Plan Management

To ensure that failure doesn't show its ugly face, make a proper management strategy for your plan. Break a larger chunk of work into small pieces i.e. to break the entire plan into daily tasks. Understand your content and keep checking your social accounts frequently.


After you have created your social media account, you need to manage your routine. Go for regular checks on all your profiles to continue your work at a steady pace.

Don't be afraid of experimentation with your social media marketing plan. Go out of your box, keep your senses open and grab the best options you get. Be alert from the risk of burnout. Stress more on feedback and innovate new tools to make your plan a success.

Subhasis Chatterjee

Owner, ConnectIndia

Subhasis Chatterjee is a Web Journalist, a Content Architect & a Content Analyst from Kolkata, India with an experience legacy of more than 23 years. His core competency lies in the areas of Personal Branding, Digital Marketing, Social Media Propagation, Reputation Management & Entrepreneurship Skill Development.

His company ConnectIndia is a professional content creation and digital marketing service providing company. Apart from different IT services, the company runs three unique online courses like Content writing, Web Journalism & Digital Marketing. ConnectIndia also runs a good number of live workshops on different career oriented courses pan India.

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