3 Evergreen Business Ideas That Are Trending In 2016 It is best to start small and then see how the response is to take it to greater heights.

By Ravi Agarwala

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Venturing into an entrepreneurial dream is a part of every individual's futuristic plan. Becoming your own boss and having an establishment is not an easy task, but one of the finest feeling that no job can bestow.

All one does need is good business acumen, a farsighted approach and an avenue that suits best to the current demand to step into.

Becoming an entrepreneur requires a great amount of zeal and confidence in the business idea and oneself. This year much has been spoken about the innovative industry options that any individual can explore irrespective of educational background.

Presently the textile and wedding industries are one such avenue that has the greatest potential and are waiting to be tapped. The options one can explore are endless.

Three evergreen business ideas that are trending this 2016 are:

Fashion Styling and Textile Designing:

The world of fashion is brimming with new ideas and concepts to bring to the ramp each season, all a designer really looks out for is taking up the market by a storm when he/she presents designs and patterns like never before.

A person with a creative mind will be ideal to conceptualize printing fabric that can enthrall hearts and even design their own garment to start a fresh brand. It does take the load off when one can create their own styles, print their own patterns and showcase it to the world rather than outsourcing or picking up cloth that is not exclusive.

Wedding Card And Album Designing:

The wedding business is one such business that can never get outdated or fall into recession, especially in a country like India, where weddings are nothing less of a Bollywood movie and embraces numerous opportunity.

The innovative wedding card industry that takes charge of creating masterpieces that spell sheer elegance and are the first steps to a gala wedding season are the newest business avenues one can explore. In addition to cards and greetings, one also has the potential to print wedding albums and showcase their talent through designing.

Like last year, it was all about buying a DSLR camera and turning a hobby into a full-fledged business, designing and coming up with fresher ideas for the entire wedding album sector is a brand new production opening.

Sports Jersey And Memorabilia:

The sports industry is coming up in a big way as well and what was once considered as a rage in foreign countries is making a sensation here in India too. So be it for sports jerseys or cups, from plates to mugs, trophies to medals, the market is all out with worshipping the sport they support and cheer for.

How often do we see fans at a cricket or hockey match sporting a team shirt, well they all need to buy it from a source that is tapping the opportunity. Even with the popularity the entire sector is gaining, there are not many entrepreneurs in the market and a brand can easily take up a monopoly.

Ravi Agarwala

Director, Apsom Infotex Limited

Ravi Agarwala, Director, Apsom Infotex Ltd. has been in the industry for more than a decade now and is highly passionate about his work with fervour to take digital printing to greater heights.

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