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#4 Challenges Startups Face While Hiring Young Talent Many startups don't market themselves well in social media which is the only inexpensive way to create a brand visibility

By Nidhi Singh

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Finding right talent is crucial part of any company. Recruiters and HR professionals make best recruitment strategies to attract the best-qualified candidates using various tools. However, the hiring process poses its own set of unique challenges.

Entrepreneur India spoke to few experts to find out what challenges startups face while hiring young talent.

Limited Resources:

Kamal Karanth A, TalentSpecialist & Co-Founder, Xpheno feels startups cannot afford high fliers available in the industries due to limited resources and market salaries.

"Mostly, startups limit themselves to their network which can be limited if they have entered a new industry. Another challenge is unstructured hiring process, not sure of whom to hire, interview processes taking long thereby frustrating prospective hires. Lastly, the founder's inability to connect their value proposition to the aspirant's career drivers," said Karanth.

He further added that poor marketing orientation of founders also becomes the main reason why startups are unable to find a perfect candidate.

"Many startups don't market themselves well in social media which is the only inexpensive way to create a brand visibility," he added.

Offer Trading:

Chirag Joshi, Head of Marketing, Samco Securities feels the first and foremost challenge startups face is "Offer Trading'.

"Candidates usually come and say that they already have few offers in their hand and are looking out for more options. In some cases, these candidates display the offer rolled out from our end to other companies to obtain a better CTC. Now on this belief that we have got their enrolment we count the candidate in and reduce down the hiring process but eventually get a negative surprise, the candidate backs out, because of better CTC offer he/she has grabbed by exhibiting our offer letter," explained Joshi.

He emphasized the second challenge is getting candidates with the same domain experience.

"Even if few candidates apply from the same domain, they were too costly for our P/L as we operate a low-cost model, or we got untrained, inexperienced candidates which required a lot of training and polishing in-house," he stressed.

Hiring Curious Candidates:

According to Projjol Banerjea, Founder and Chief Product Officer, zeotap, the single biggest thing his company looks for is natural curiosity.

"It gives that extra willpower and stamina that empowers our colleagues to accomplish even the most difficult endeavors. And that, that is how you build a company full of entrepreneurs," he said.

Finding Like-minded Individuals:

For Aditya Shah, Founder, Juno's Pizza, to find like-minded individuals who can delay immediate gratification for a future greatness is makes hiring so difficult.

"Since our inception in 2015, we have been committed to providing our consumers best-in-class service, creating a "wow" experience with a distinctly unique dining experience and creating consumer's delight by offering extremely prompt & efficient delivery offering. Often we are faced with a challenge of finding talent who understands our organizational goals and shows an equal amount of commitment towards our customers. Also as a start-up, we need to constantly keep our working force loyal and committed towards our brand so that they choose us each time over larger companies," said Shah

Nidhi Singh

Former Correspondent, Entrepreneur Asia-Pacific

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