#6 Reasons Why Vacation Home Rental is the Next Big Thing in Indian Travel Industry The new trend of renting out vacation homes instead of a luxurious hotel has changed the way how the hospitality sector in India functions

By Saagar Panchal

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The vacation home industry is believed to be worth $100 billion with the US accounting about half of the numbers and with Research and Markets predicting the global vacation rental market to close in on $170 Billion by 2019, it seems very obvious that the vacation home sector is currently a successfully booming industry.

The Indian market is also picking up in terms of numbers and popularity, as people are getting to know about this amazing alternative to resorts and hotels. This new trend of renting out vacation homes instead of a luxurious hotel has changed the way how the hospitality sector in India functions. It has made people aware of the importance of having a property and maintaining it.

Going back years ago, there was a time when the whole concept of vacation homes was relatively new and not very popular. Due to lack of services and amenities like providing the customers with fresh linens or breakfast, vacation homes were almost never resorted to even if the traveller was on a shoe- string budget.

Today however, the scenario is completely different with vacation homes being made so splendid along with the best of services being readily available that they now seem to be giving the hotel business a run for their money. Vacation home rentals are the best of both worlds where as a customer you can relax under the warmth and privacy of your own home while enjoying the luxury provided like a hotel.

Although owning a vacation home property comes with a lot of overhead expenses with maintenance and property charges therefore putting out the property on rental not only eliminates the maintenance cost but also helps the owner earn an extra income in the idle time when they are not visiting or utilising their property. Leaving the cost aside, owning vacation homes seems like a very profitable business as people have slowly started to realise the benefits of these hotels like:

1) Complete Privacy:

Vacations are meant to relax and enjoy while doing so in complete privacy with being granted your own space that you can utilise the way you want to.

2) Value for Money:
With the increasing prices of some hotels it has become very difficult to enjoy your own space during a holiday and that's where vacation homes come into the picture. Competitive cheap prices with no compromise in services, many people seem to be going for this convenient option over emptying their wallets on extravagant hotels.

3) There's Room for Everybody:
Vacation homes are usually very spacious and big which is a plus point for those seeking space and looking for accommodation of a large party.

4) Homely:
You may be on a vacation but trust us when we say you'll still feel at home once you choose a vacation home all because of the homely comfort and warmth and hospitality that you would receive. friends & family can all stay together in complete privacy like your own home!

5) Live Like a Local:
More often than not the vacation homes exude a feel of the culture and the local behaviour that the locals are accustomed to. This is a great way to explore the culture and understand a lot more about all the hidden gems across different parts of the country also you can experience the local delicacies by hiring an cook on call through full service vacation home rental company

6) Easy Customisation:
Unlike hotels that follow strict policies regarding their rooms with vacation homes you have the luxury to decide your needs and customise according to your requirements during your stay. Whether you want a pet friendly villa or not, a private swimming pool attached or a cook on call, etc. Its you who gets to decide the execution of your stay during your vacation.

With the growing changes in the hospitality sector and the need for space the government in India has finally realised the growing trend of vacation homes and has decided to issue mandatory provisions of a bed and breakfast license. This new rule allows individuals to run their vacation homes legally without any trouble. The increasing demand for space and luxury has made the vacation home industry successful and with this increasing demand there's a lot more progress and success that this sector ensures in the future.
Saagar Panchal

Founder & CEO at Hireavilla Hospitality Pvt ltd

Saagar Panchal is the Founder & CEO at Hireavilla Hospitality Pvt ltd. It's a uniquely focused luxury villa rental start-up, which was established by him in the year 2016. At the young age of 21 while he was appearing for his board exams, he was already ready to kick start his business venture and ended up officially launching his start- up in July.

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