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A Glance at What Security Looks Like in the Future Emir Ceric explains in this exclusive interview what security looks like in the future and his aspirations behind Meveto

By John Stanly

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Cybersecurity is on everyone's mind since we live in a digital world. As more and more of our lives continue to migrate online, cybersecurity is becoming a top priority we must consider personally and professionally. Whether it's our shopping, health, business, school, or personal information, everything is online, and we must be diligent in protecting it. Emir Ceric is a developer turned CEO. The founder of Meveto, an innovative cybersecurity firm, Emir Ceric, takes a unique approach towards cybersecurity. He explains in this exclusive interview what security looks like in the future and his aspirations behind Meveto.

Cybercrime affects billions of people worldwide every year, and unfortunately, statistics show it is only set to increase in the future. "The main issue with cybercrime is that everyone is vulnerable," states Emir. "Many people think cybercrime only affects large organizations, but the truth is it can affect anyone. Cybercriminals do not discriminate. They target everyone." With cybercrime on the rise, Emir set out to build a company that looks at security in a new light helping everyone from the Fortune 500 company to the private individual, making the internet a safer place to be.

What inspired you to create Meveto?

"Authentication is key because everything we do is online," explains Emir. "What inspired me to create Meveto was to be able to offer a safer way to authenticate ourselves online with minimal threat of compromise. Identity theft is straightforward on the internet, so to prevent that, we need more robust and safer ways to authenticate who we are while keeping our information safe. Meveto was founded on the premise that there is a better way of doing this, and we intend to expand on the dated concept of passwords by creating a safer system online.

How has cybercrime changed over the past few years, and what can people do to protect themselves better?

"As long as we rely on passwords, criminals will continue to hack and steal them," explains Emir. "Attacks are becoming more common because this is getting easier to do. Better protecting ourselves means eliminating the use of passwords in the future."

Meveto has an innovative approach to cybersecurity. What is the catalyst behind your strategy?

"Passwords are responsible for 81% of security breaches every year. What I've found through my research is that passwords are inherently insecure because they are fixed, meaning they are the same, and once they are stolen, they can be re-used," says Emir. "People have tried multi-factor authentication, but it doesn't work because it is often too complicated and inaccessible. Passwords and authentication don't matter because hackers can keep spamming over and over again until they've successfully guessed your username and password. I founded Meveto because with the understanding that the current system is inherently insecure."

Could you explain the passwordless movement and what that means for the future of cybersecurity?

"Once we've come to terms that usernames and passwords are actually insecure, we will be able to decrease 81% of security breaches every year significantly," states Emir. "This means utilizing a system that keeps your information secure while making sign-ins and authenticating who you are online easier. Meveto is about making things less complicated and more secure."

What should people expect from working with Meveto and the passwordless movement?

"Meveto gives you more options and complete and total control of your accounts," explains Emir. "With Meveto, you can easily and securely sign into any account on any device while also giving you secure options to log-out of accounts remotely if, say, you left an account open on a public computer or another device. We set out to streamline authentication as opposed to just adding more layers that have proven they don't work."

What are your goals for the future?

"We want Meveto to be the way you sign into any account on the web, ensuring that people have a choice and the ability to protect their data and privacy," says Emir. "Meveto, however, isn't an authentication company, but rather a cybersecurity company, so we will be tackling more than just Authentication in the future."

What are the top things you are proud of having accomplished with Meveto?

We are the first and only passwordless company on the market to have SOC 2 - Type 2, ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 27017, ISO 27018 and ISO 9001 certification, ensuring quality and reliability of our product," says Emir. "This is pivotal because we've accomplished all of this without raising any money from investors, so our growth has been based entirely on our success. Furthermore, being self-funded has proven that not only is our product incredibly reliable, but our process is innovative and something that consumers have been looking to adopt for quite some time."

With no end to cybercrime in sight, the only way we can stop unwanted security breaches is by taking matters into our own hands. That is what Emir Ceric intends to do with Meveto. By building a company that gives people more options, he looks forward to a future where cybercrime is prevented easily and efficiently.

John Stanly

Start-up mentor

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