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Bride's New Sole Mate: Tanushri Biyani, Founder, Anaar The brand prioritizes creative innovation in its designs while ensuring they align with the business goals and customer preferences.

By Punita Sabharwal

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Tanushri Biyani, Founder, Anaar

Tanushri Biyani often witnessed brides struggling with uncomfortable footwear, their discomfort evident in every cautious step. This sparked a determination to reimagine bridal footwear, not just as beautiful accessories but as comfortable companions throughout the wedding festivities. "Drawing from my own experiences and observations, I embarked on a journey to marry style with comfort, infusing innovative designs with ergonomic features," shares Tanushri Biyani, Founder, Anaar. Anaar's handcrafted sneakers are shapeshifters that not only offer the necessary support and cushioning for all-day wear but also feature a design that seamlessly complements bridal attire.

Delving details on her creative influences, Biyani says unabashedly, "One of the most crucial creative influences for us is our brides. Today's bride is confident and bold in her choice and does not believe in compromising on comfort for style. It is their free spirit that drives us to create something new everytime and be a part of their perfect fairy tale. Also at Anaar we take immense pride in our craftsmanship, which is deeply rooted in Indian traditions and rituals that have been passed down through generations."

The brand prioritizes creative innovation in its designs while ensuring they align with the business goals and customer preferences. By maintaining a keen understanding of market trends, consumer demands, and operational requirements, they harmonize creativity with business strategies to deliver the perfect wedding footwear for the brides.

Anaar has opened its first pop up kiosk in DLF Ambience mall in Delhi. The brand is also present in more than eight key marketplaces and the inclusion of 20+ boutique outlets. Their pop up announcements will soon begin across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and many more cities. Anaar is poised for strategic expansion, both online and offline. "We plan to explore the international markets in the coming years as we see a great potential with brides traveling all the way to India from different parts of the world to shop our wedding sneakers. We plan on changing this and instead bring our sneakers to them," concludes Biyani.

Tanushri's three point advice to people who are creative but can't think scale.

l Market Research: Invest time in understanding your market comprehensively. Identify emerging trends, consumer preferences, and competitors' strategies to make informed creative decisions and scale effectively.

l Strategic Partnerships: Collaborate with complementary businesses, influencers, or designers to expand your reach and access new customer segments. Leveraging partnerships can amplify your brand's visibility and accelerate growth opportunities.

l Operational Efficiency: Streamline your production processes and logistics to meet increasing demand without compromising on quality. Embrace technology where possible to optimize efficiency and scale your operations sustainably.

Punita Sabharwal

Entrepreneur Staff

Managing Editor, Entrepreneur India

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