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Gen Z and Millennial Ally AI; Expect It to Improve Work-life Balance While in recent times we've seen big tech players recall their work-from-home or hybrid policy, it still remains a priority among people

By Paromita Gupta

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I recently came across a post which resonated with me in this artificial intelligence world. "You know what the biggest problem with pushing all-things-Al is? Wrong direction. I want Al to do my laundry and dishes so that I can do art and writing, not for Al to do my art and writing so that I can do my laundry and dishes," shared Joanna Maciejewska on X.

Turns out it didn't just resonate with me, but with 21,000 users who reposted it and 95,000 who liked it.

In conditions where AI replacing humans is a looming threat for millions across sectors and industries, maybe GenZ and Millennial are open to seeing it from a glass-half-full perspective.

Deloitte's 2024 Gen Z and Millennial survey reports that positive perceptions of GenAI are increasing with more hands-on experience but concerns remain. The report based on 500 Gen Zs and 300 millennial respondents found that Indian respondents had higher engagement with four in ten having undergone training as compared to the global average.

As compared to global counterparts, India's new-age workforce is excited about GenAI. The majority of them believe that it will improve their work-life balance and the way they work.

"Workplace expectations are changing as a result of Gen Z and Millennials' demands for more flexibility and work-life balance. Businesses may improve work-life balance by streamlining processes, automating repetitive tasks, and offering individualized help by utilizing human-centric conversational AI platform," shares Ankush Sabharwal Founder and CEO, CoRover.

Similarly, Co-founder of Mamaearth, Ghazal Alagh feels that we need to recognize that work-life balance is created, not found. "What may seem like an ideal balance to one person could be completely off for another,' she wrote on LinkedIn.

Tactics to achieve a work-life balance include flexible and remote working; focus on productivity rather than hours; a self-service cloud system; and regular feedback and surveys.

Tata Consultancy Services issued a final warning to employees working from home. Meanwhile, Infosys asked its employees to work for a minimum of 10 days per month from the office, while HCL Tech and Wipro are demanding three days per week to work from the office. While in recent times we've seen big tech players recall their work-from-home or hybrid policy, it still remains a priority among people.

According to an Express Employment Professionals-Harris Poll survey, one-third of employed job seekers in Canada said that they have put starting a family on hold due to a lack of work/life balance. This includes 42 per cent of Gen Z and 39 per cent of Millennial job seekers.

"By automating tedious and repetitive tasks, AI liberates individuals to concentrate on the outcome with strategic approaches. AI can also help optimize workloads, by analyzing the distribution of tasks or recommending adjustments to workload allocation. This ensures individuals' tasks are distributed effectively to promote better work-life balance," shares Anuj Krishna, Cofounder and President - Technology and Growth, MathCo.

Eighty per cent of GenZ Indians and 82 per cent of millennials think GenAI will improve the way they work somewhat/a lot over the next 12 months.

"Contrary to popular opinion that AI is going to replace them, I see GenZ and millennial around me are quite excited about using AI at work. They are automating mundane and repetitive tasks using AI tools to free up time for more meaningful and creative work. The impact of this has been positive - it's reducing stress and burnout while allowing them to focus on high-value activities that contribute to their personal and professional growth. It's also helping organizations like ours - happy team members are more motivated and productive. It's a win-win, in my opinion," said Mukul Rustagi, Co-founder and CEO, Classplus.

Paromita Gupta

Features Writer with Entrepreneur India

Covering news and trends in AI and Metaverse segments. An avid book reader running her personal blog on the side. You may reach me at paromita@entrepreneurindia.com. 
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