Here Is Amazon's First Prime Airplane 'Amazon One' Amazon Boeing 767-300 jet is part of what will eventually become a fleet of 40 planes, transporting cargo between Amazon's distribution centers for delivery to customers.

By Ritu Kochar

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If you think Amazon isn't doing enough to get you your parcels on time, you couldn't be more wrong. In an effort to improve their customer services, Amazon has launched its very first freight jet to carry the products and make sure that deliveries are on time. The cargo plane was unveiled at annual Seafair Air Show on August 4 and is named "Amazon One'.

Amazon has grown from being one of the giantonline retailers, to a customer centric company. As an online marketplace, Amazon has gone beyond anyone's expectationsand also ventured into cloud computing and artificial intelligence to go with othernumerous logistics technologies . Keeping all these points in mind, it makes sense for them to have their own freight jet to speed-up the delivery of products to millions of its online shoppers and cut on those extra delivery costs, that they incurred in hiring third party vendors.

Having focused so far largely on fulfillment centers and the supply chain, Amazon is now addressing the transportation side of the operations, wrote Dave Clark, Amazon's senior vice president of worldwide operations, in a blog post.

"We're doing this because of customers, and on behalf of customers," Clark said.

According to reports, these planes will be used to supplement and secure additional capacity to support one and two-day delivery targets.It currently has 11 dedicated airplanes flying for it, with Amazon One the first in the fleet to be branded

Amazon has also released a video introducing Amazon Air. With "Amazon' on its belly, "Prime Air' on its sides and the "Amazon smile logo' on its tail, Amazon Boeing 767-300 jet is part of what will eventually become a fleet of 40 planes, transporting cargo between Amazon's distribution centers for delivery to customers.

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