Reasons for an Unsuccessful Print Commerce Business A web-to-print solution is a new opportunity, but you need to make sure that you choose the right one while opting to go online with your printing business

By Abhishek Agarwal

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Have you purchased a web2print solution yet? Are you struggling to get better results and ROI from your printing company? Remember a business has to work all the time. You cannot just sit and wait for things to happen on their own. The biggest challenge is a printing business is to choose the right print software provider. A web-to-print solution is a new opportunity, but you need to make sure that you choose the right one while opting to go online with your printing business. There are some reasons though why print commerce is not working for some in the printing industry.

Poor Business Leadership

Usually business owners opt for web-to-print because they have been hearing about it in the market and they have been receiving sales calls telling them how important a print commerce solution is. Here, comes the irony, when they choose software or printing solution that is most popular and is loaded with features, then they will have the technical team to check the functionalities, because according to them any software that is loaded with features and is expensive is the best. Therefore, they purchase the software. However, they think their job ends here, but this is one of the biggest mistakes, that print businesses make. Handing the solution to technical person and expecting him to fetch you results is what makes print commerce not working for you.

This is not just a technology but also a business solution that advances in your way of doing print business. Hence, business leadership right from the top is required. You have to take the onus of your own business, and stay involved the whole time. You need to plan and strategize how to do the marketing and increase sales. You need to have a leader who can take control and demonstrate the same to all the departments in your company. A technical person will not be able to tell or see how it will work for your customers and clients. You have to understand that this is a tool for your customers and your sales, marketing and customer service teams are the ones who interact with them most.

Therefore a thorough training to each is important and their involvement vital. Sales and marketing teams help to sell the solution and customers use it.

No Involvement of Sales Team

Another major reason for print commerce or web-to-print solution not working is that the management does not involve the sales team. They expect the technical person to sell the solution. However, what a customer wants and what they are looking for only the sales team can tell. They know what is in demand.

They may not be sound technology wise but they know in-depth details about the market and what is more in demand. Sales team is the most involved with your customers, if you do not involve them, there can be serious problems later. Sales team is not required to know the configuration details, all they need to know how this solution is going to benefit their customers. If you keep your sales team off limits, then retaining customers can be a major problem. You need to involve them so that they do not sell anything you do not have. Therefore, when you buy it, involve them in training, and make sure they have a story to tell and details for your customers that are accurate and dependable.

Customers Fail to Use the Solution

This is the third reason for the failure of w2p. You have bought the solution but your customers aren't using it yet, because your customers are not aware about the solution. Customers have to adopt the new system, but again someone has to take the ownership to take this forward. This solution is not only for your company it is majorly for your customers. Your sales team has to inform your customers about the changes in system and need to train them to use the solution correctly. When you follow these you will be successful.

"As per 4th drupa Global Trends report, 2017, 42% of printers and 56% of suppliers describe their companies' current economic condition as good compared to 11% and 6% as poor."

Closing Note

Many companies complain that their web-to-print solution has not been successful. They need to check what the reasons for the failure are and what needs to be done in order to gain success. Lack of ownership and training are the major reasons for the drawback. One has to overcome them to gain popularity and success.

Abhishek Agarwal

CEO & Co-Founder of Design’N’Buy, Mobicommerce & OhoShop

Abhishek Agarwal, CEO & Co-Founder of Design’N’Buy, Mobicommerce & OhoShop, comes with more than 14 years of experience in Web-to-Print & IT. He hold his expertise in delivering innovate and unique ideas in w2p. He has a clan of experts that deliver challenging and exciting results. Delivering customized solutions with utmost perfection has been his life’s motto.

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