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This World Cup, Which Team Will Win? These trivia-based questions end up being presented as quizzes, all of which makes for increased user engagement

By Sachin Dev Duggal

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Cricket has come a long way since its introduction onto the world stage. Rules have evolved, the mindset and approach of the players have changed, and it's become a fast-paced game loved by billions across the globe. All of these changes have come about as a result of technological advancements in how the game is played, consumed and monetized. The World Cup, the biggest event in the cricketing world, has already been making waves and marketing is being channelized around it by a wide range of brands.

How is Cricket Generating Direct & Indirect Revenue Using Technology?

AI is playing a pivotal role in monetizing the game of cricket. Systems have emerged which allow small betting platforms to build a team and win rewards on game day depending upon the players selected in a team.

Bigger platforms which keep track of scores and the latest updates have also been able to engage users with chatbots. These chatbots provide trivia about players, teams or historical facts when asked by the user. These trivia-based questions end up being presented as quizzes, all of which makes for increased user engagement. Increased user engagement means more visibility, which is converted to advertising revenue.

Similarly, platforms in various other fields have been engaging users with discounts on match day when a user's team scores or wins the game. And social media is another powerful tool that has customized options for users to monetize their business around the game. Small brands are utilizing the power of social media to increase sales, footfall or eyeballs.

How Has Technology Changed the Consumption of the Game?

We, as a cricket loving nation lapped up game updates on radio in the 60's-80's. The post-80's dawn of the idiot box brought the whole experience into our homes and color TV's made it all the more lifelike. The camera's which cover sporting events have evolved immensely so that every tiny bit of detail is visible on the screen. The moments captured and displayed are now turning everyone into an on-screen umpire. Now, TV screens have become Ultra HD-enabled. This, along with a solid home theatre system, allows users to have a stadium-like experience without ever leaving their homes.

Technology also has made the cricket experience more personalized by allowing us to carry mini TV sets in our pockets. Mobile screens have now become an alternative for media consumption. If someone wants to watch a match without the interference of others, it's now possible to live stream the entire match on a variety of streaming platforms. And, of course, if one is unable to watch the game, they can still get all the details on their mobile handsets in the form of widgets, notifications, SMS and more.

From radio to Cable TV to satellite TV and now online video streaming, we've all experienced a major shift in the way we consume media in the past decade. The option of choosing the quality of our content is something new and unique for this generation.

On Screen graphics also play a very crucial role in the broadcasting of game content. It may seem an easy task for scoreboards and vital stats to be displayed on screen, but a great deal of technology is involved behind the scenes, and multiple technologies must work in tandem in order to make it happen.

Stump mikes, better drainage systems and improved sporting gear have all been by-products of technology advancement. Technology on and off the field have been making an impact on the game in both direct and indirect ways.

How is the Game Being Played With the Advancement of New Technology?

The game of cricket is now integrating more and more new technologies to feed the imagination of masses. The Hawk Eye, the snick-o-meter and slow-motion videos are the most common examples of technologies that influence every game of cricket played. Technology has helped to curb cheating and promote fairness in the game. These technologies are helping TV umpires (a new species) to find out if the batsman is out. It maps the trajectory of the ball, collects sound waves and performs more technical wonders in sync with the cricketing laws in order to come to a fair conclusion and to prevent this fast-paced game from becoming mired in controversies due to human error.

In conclusion, technology has already impacted the game of cricket and the whole ecosystem around the world cup. The ICC continues to evaluate new technologies for the improvement of the game.

Technology has scored in many ways, it has resulted in better user engagement, better playing conditions, creative ways to market the event, and it has allowed many technology-based platforms to earn for themselves. These platforms allowed users to earn something while keeping the love for the game alive.

No matter who wins the World Cup, technology has already won over the cricketing ecosystem.

Sachin Dev Duggal

Founder & CEO,


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