Melvano Raises INR 1.3 Crore From Tyke The company plans to use the funds on its new platform in the upskilling domain, Skillbary

By Teena Jose

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Melvano, a fast growing edtech startup, has received a fresh investment of INR 1.3 crore from Tyke Invest. The company, which is transforming the face of traditional learning by providing an artificial intelligence enabled learning platform for competitive exams with Melvano app, plans to use the funds on its new platform in the upskilling domain - Skillbary.

"We are witnessing more and more graduates who have completed 3- or 4-year bachelor's programme but are unable to find employment. The vast disparity between the skills taught in colleges and those needed for current occupations is the cause of this. We all have witnessed the unpredictable recession to affect even the best professionals. Given said that, the majority of upskilling platforms only caters to working professionals. To address this, we have been developing a Skillbary that offers both theoretical knowledge and practical training through the use of real-world projects and internships. Additionally, we would encourage kids to get employment when they are ready," said Taran Singh, CEO, Melvano.

Founded by Taran Singh, Melvano is an AI-based learning platform for competitive exams like the IIT-JEE followed by the NEET and CUET.

According to market reports, upskilling is a $1 billion market potential that is expected to grow at a 16% CAGR.

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