ONDC Enters Mobility Segment By Onboarding Namma Yatri The Bengaluru-based auto-booking startup caters to 4.5 lakh customers

By Paromita Gupta

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Namma Yatri

On Thursday, Namma Yatri, a Bengaluru-based auto-hailing app, announced that it had become a part of Open Network for Digital Commerce's open network for mobility initiative. Launched by Juspay Technologies in partnership with the city drivers, Namma Yatri constitutes 45,000 drivers and caters to 4.5 lakh customers.

"At Juspay, we believe in building efficient and reliable technologies that work at the population scale, and we built Namma Yatri with similar principles. The vision of Namma Yatri is to enable service providers with open and cost-effective tech products and the principles to be customer-centric. We are excited to be part of ONDC as it opens the door for open innovation and solving problems at a population scale. Moreover, we are keen to support other cities and towns in India with our tech platform. It would make urban mobility in India more affordable and seamless for customers," said Vimal Kumar, CEO and Founder, Juspay.

The open mobility initiative is expected to be a boon for customers in multiple ways as it will allow them to book cabs from their preferred apps and enable integration of multiple transportation mediums such as buses, auto, and metro, making the process easy and affordable.

"We are excited to welcome Namma Yatri to the ONDC network. An open mobility network on ONDC will build a large ecosystem of customers and service providers, fuelling many innovations & possibilities. First, it increases customer convenience by digitising and integrating all mobility services. Then, it provides equal opportunities to mobility players of all sizes and between existing and new players. It also helps drivers and service providers to earn a livelihood not beholden to platform interests. Finally, it amplifies the impact and the leverage of public transportation systems. What UPI and NPCI did to digital payments, ONDC intends to do for mobility," said T Koshy, CEO of ONDC.

To accelerate this goal, ONDC, Beckon Foundation and Namma Yatri have collectively announced a city-wide hackathon- Open Mobility Challenge, from 23rd March to 9th April 2023 to attract sustainable mobility solutions.

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