Starlay Finance Gets Ready For Second $LAY Token Sale The expected total worth of the tokens to be issued as airdrop surpasses $5 million, and these are tokens from DeCartel dApps (decentralized applications) as well

By John Stanly

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If there is one initiative that everyone should be keeping a close eye on, it's DeCartel and Starlay Finance. DeCartel is a new Astar Network collaboration created by multiple DeFi initiatives. Starlay Finance, ArthSwap, Kagla Finance, and Muuu Finance are all part of DeCartel. Galaxia Finance, which is set to launch in May, is also expected to become a member before long.

Most recently, it has been announced that $ARSW, $MUUU, $KGL, and $GALAX shall be issued to $LAY buyers during Starlay's second Token Sale, which will be held between May 13th at 11:00 AM (UTC) and May 15th at 11:00 AM (UTC). As such, buyers are entitled to receive four different tokens for free.

What is there to know?

The expected total worth of the tokens to be issued as airdrop surpasses $5 million, and these are tokens from DeCartel dApps (decentralized applications) as well. Moreover, tokens from all DeCartel member projects shall additionally be distributed via airdrop based on the quantity of $LAY tokens bought. Regarding the second sale, users need to buy with USDC.

The airdrop and listing timings will vary, as the $LAY token, with an estimated price at $0.3, will list on ArthSwap on June 28th and the IDO has also already been sold out. Similarly, $ARSW's estimated price is $0.5 and the airdrop to the $LAY token sale is 0.5% ($2,500,000). The IDO for $ARSW is sold out and the listing shall occur soon this month. For $KGL, the estimated price is $0.01, the airdrop is 1% ($1,000,000), the IDO is scheduled for May/June and the listing is once again on June 28th on ArthSwap. For $MUUU, the estimated price is $0.1, and the airdrop, IDO and listing details are the same as $KGL. FInally, for $GALAX, the estimated price is $0.5, the airdrop is 1% ($500,000), the IDO will take place in May, and the listing on ArthSwap will be in June.

Needless to say, there is plenty to be excited about, and with such a wide variety of tokens available, it's no wonder why there is already so much interest in the second $LAY token sale. Additionally, airdrops have become extremely popular too, which has only further increased the appeal of the entire event.

Important details about the sale

The inaugural $LAY token sale on ArthSwap was a huge success, selling out in just under five minutes and showcasing the amazing potential behind the whole thing and the amount of interest present. The second token sale, however, shall be conducted via an auction format, which differs from the first sale which had a fixed-price format.

Also, users can participate in the auction during the aforementioned period and the quantity of $LAY they can get depends on how much money they put in. Furthermore, the quantity of $ARSW, $KGL, $MUUU, and $GALAX issued as participation rewards will rise as the amount invested grows, thereby providing yet another reason as to why the sale is expected to be a massive success. For more information, visit the official website along with the Telegram, Medium, Discord and Twitter channels.

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