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Top Technologies Transforming the Fashion Industry to a Level of Par Excellence Wearable tech is of utmost importance and will undoubtedly shape the fashion industry in the upcoming times

By Divyendra Kumar

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The way every one of us visualizes, browse and buy our best-loved fashion products have changed drastically in the present date digital age. In a burst of different technologies, some of the best ones include 3D Printing, wearables as well as some of the Smartphone apps. Such as Instagram which has inevitably altered the way fashion is seen by millions of fashion lovers all over the globe.

As of now, fusions of Technology and fashion have begun on a journey of shaping the fashion for better productivity and a generation of revenue. It's high time even for the fashion industry to analyze their current working conditions, the technology on which they work on and is it suitable to withstand the increasing demands of consumers.

Thus, after considering everything, here are the top technologies which are changing the present date fashion industry.

Fashion Tech # 1: 3D Printing

Have we forgotten the days when we use to hand-sew the fabrics? Designer Francis Bitonti might have a similar opinion as this one. According to him, 3D printing is appealing to two different markets: the Mass Produced which are made with some of the most simple products. Such things can be easily created with a 3D printer itself. On the other hand, various luxury models were the designs printed with premium quality and rare materials will be appealing to those who have higher budgeting criteria.

Good news for American Homes

3D printers are on the road of integration, by 2020, into more than 20% American homes, to enable the less high-fashion efforts. In such utilization, it will be a lot more useful in printing utensils, bowls, and also different machines like phones and generators.

With the usage of 3D printing, you can print your favourite items right there as you buy them which is quite a unique thing on its own.

Fashion Tech #2: Wearable Tech

A bonding which is much stronger than you think, wearing technology like FitBit has begun to develop a long-lasting bond with the major fashion labels to make their designs a lot more profound and attractive. With this, they can also transform their brands into stylish jewellery which can itself be a great bonus. While there were gaudy arm pieces which were much bulky as well as wired, the modern day wearable tech can rock-in any outfit

James Park who is FitBit's Chief executive told something of great value to the New York Times in the year 2017. In his saying he said, "The Wrist is good or bad. However, the great thing is that once you put a band or any other device, you have the option of even not taking it off completely and not forgetting it. But, it is much more challenging to track motions, calories, and steps taken without a wearable tech. Thus, wearable tech is of utmost importance and will undoubtedly shape the fashion industry in the upcoming times.

Fashion Tech #3: Instagram

These days no one wants to display their favourite fashion items, accessories as well as products on different commercial ads. Such ads took a lot of hefty money, and the reachability to the consumers was also not up to the mark. But, with the advent of Instagram, things have taken quite a steep leap in the modern day fashion world.

Surprisingly, we are getting updated on the latest fashion trends in this way only. If we talk about the current day scenario, millions of users are following the latest fashion trends and are increasingly on the verge of betterment and higher productivity.

With Instagram to your rescue, you can visualize over a thousand fashion bloggers, see their enchanting products and can buy them all on the go. Also, plenty of the fashion show's have moved their direction towards Instagram and are now showcasing their newly made designer dresses to gather a sense of fan hood and some positive responses.

With Instagram being at such a growing as well as relentless pace, the time is not far to see this app being the next giant in the social media industry.

Fashion Tech #4: Virtual Fitting Rooms

If you are the one who has got tired with standing in lines at major retailers just to try your favourite dress or you don't like the idea of throwing out money on online shops, something great is about to come with all those folks.

Based on a recent article on GeekWire, one of the extensive bidding website eBay has just bought the latest technologies to make these issues a matter of the past.

PhiSix Innovative Creation

On the other side, a two-year-old company PhiSix has created a technology in which the online shoppers can input their measurements and can see how the particular dress will look on them. One can even add what they like to their wish list for future purchasing. Then, the respective software takes the consumer through a process of trying every item with a realistic depiction of what it will look like straight on the screen.

Ebay's Revolution

From eBay's side, they expect that the technology will assure the customers that any dress item like pants, jeans or any other stuff will look perfectly fine on them. It helps them in making their decision as well as results in fewer returns. As we see in the current scenario, shopping is done majorly online and several retailers have joined it to sell their products online. As a result, the Virtual Fitting Rooms with a touch of 3D Printing will surely bring a drastic change in the process we usually buy our clothes.

While competing with the current pace, the fashion industry doesn't seem to be left far behind. With the inclusion of the above-modernized technology and if they achieve a height of success in the nearby future, a great perspective is yet to be witnessed by all of us and will surely bring a sense of joy and fulfilment to all the fashion lovers
Divyendra Kumar

Founder & Director WritoMozo | Co-founder & Director SoftoMozo

Divyendra Kumar is an entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of effectively managing senior leadership positions in the computer software industry. Passionate about startups, he is involved in his two service-based startups focused on app/web development, Branding, Marketing. An M.tech from IIT Delhi, His education, work and life allow him to consult entrepreneurs from across the globes on technology and marketing.
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