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The Jutti Revivalist: Laksheeta Govil, Founder, Fizzy goblet Laksheeta started Fizzy Goblet in a completely different form (hand-painted sneakers) when she was still in university

By Punita Sabharwal

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Laksheeta Govil, Founder, Fizzy goblet

''I remember a story called Creative Carl which my mother used to read to me and my sister when we were growing up. In this the young protagonist (no surprises) called Carl wanted to get a bicycle and to get it he had to find creative ways to provide value to others and he would achieve his goal. The story made me realize that everyone can be empowered and I can use my interests in art to make objects that people like and can use, that I enjoy making even as a 10-year-old! So, my earliest entrepreneurial venture was called "Laksheeta Creations" in which I made cards from the crayons my parents bought and sold it back to them! Luckily my target audience increased as did my creative skills to include candle making and I would enjoy using unusual containers, and materials to create unique candles that I would sell in Diwali melas in my early teens," recalls Govil.

Laksheeta started Fizzy Goblet in a completely different form (hand-painted sneakers) when she was still in university. She used to do a lot of pop-ups across different cities in India and that gave her a great customer perspective and also made her understand that there are other people out there who want unique footwear that brings joy. After college, she worked in a few brands like Lecoanet Hemant and Puma where she learnt some ropes. She knew the hand-painted model wasn't scalable so after her stints, in the middle of the night she realized that the Indian Ballerina the jutti is underrated. So she worked on making it comfortable and more trendy and led an industry-wide revolution of the jutti. Since then, she has experimented and come up with the loafer juttis, sneaker juttis and even evolved beyond the juttis for other silhouettes like heels, sliders, and kolhapuris. Recently she even ventured into bags!

Talking about how she gets her creative breakthroughs, she mentions, "A decluttered mind really helps me get the ideas flowing. If I'm feeling blocked, writing whatever is in my head in a journal always helps. The flow state between sleep and consciousness is also great for breakthroughs! The idea of revitalizing the jutti came to me in such a flow state."

Fizzy Goblet has 10 stores in India, across all major metro cities. Currently selling online domestically and internationally only via its own, the brand is on a lookout for locations in Chandigarh, Kolkata and Ahmedabad!

Punita Sabharwal

Entrepreneur Staff

Managing Editor, Entrepreneur India


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