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10 Most Important Skills Required to Become a Successful Entrepreneur You need to first believe in yourself and believe in what you have set out to achieve

By Vishal Sivappa

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There is that one big question which definitely troubles/haunts every entrepreneur is if he or she "Have all that it takes to be one?" Yes, no doubt that each one of them is bombarded with ideas and thoughts but here the question is if you really have those skills? Below are the 10 most important skills which every entrepreneur must have to be successful.

1. Set Specific Goals:

There is no formula in reaching your goals or one that is going to help you to be successful. You need to first believe in yourself and believe in what you have set out to achieve. One of the few ways to succeed is you have to set goals. You will lack focus and direction without "Goals". Your goals have to be clear and very well defined. Make sure it's possible and they are all attainable. Benchmarking is also important and goes hand in hand with your goals.

2. Money Management :

It is very simple. If you cannot manage your money, you cannot manage your business. Successful or unsuccessful, Know your money priorities. Budget your monthly expenses carefully. Have a plan and stick to it. Always expect emergencies and be ready to accommodate them. Make sure you save and invest. Have a smart plan and vision. Try and work with your partners on the same financial goals.

3. Develop the Ability to Get Rid of Stress :

Its easier said than done, but stress is something that is real and plays a huge role in one's personal life as well as one's work life. First, try and keep them apart and not get them mixed up. It sure is a fine balance but try to balance your work and personal life. Maintain a healthy lifestyle which is extremely important. Know it or not but sport or anything that requires you to be physically active really does help keep the mind active. You also must delegate to reduce your workload as sharing your job could relieve stress subsequently. Find people who you really trust and confide in them. Try getting your business finances under control.

4. Make Good Entrepreneur Friends :

Being part of the right circle is very important as not only does one's everyday behaviour play a part in being successful but so does the kind of moral support and help one receives which helps build a healthy base which in return help one to make a good entrepreneur. Make the right friends who will be able to comprehend your struggles and help you with the much needed third part options.

5. The Acumen to Hire Capable and Motivated People :

First and most important is communication. Communication is key for any business to function at its optimum level. Your success also will completely depend on your ability to put together a team that is highly qualified. One needs to bring people who have similar goals and objectives of your firm and does share the same vision. Provide them with good management which will cater to all their basic needs and requirements. Have regular team meetings to be able to discuss subjects which will help make the right choices.

6. The Ability to Understand the Difference Between Being a Boss and Being a Friend :

There are three things you must implement. First, one needs to be approachable to their immediate team at all times. Second, to run any successful business one needs to have a simple system in place, for the company to run as smooth as it can. Everyone needs to know their role and contribution as a single Individual to the company and third maintaining a healthy and cordial relationship with the employees is also another key factor. It is very very necessary to make them realise that you are the "Boss" and are in charge without putting yourself on a pedestal. You should be capable enough to play both roles.

7. Stay Connected on Social Media :

Social media has become almost a necessity for us today. As an entrepreneur, one can use it to their advantage. Staying connected on social media can be beneficial to you in the following ways :

a. This will help an entrepreneur stay up to date with the newest trends in their markets.

b. It will help bring forth one's competitors.

c. Access to free feedbacks.

d. Be a part of communities for entrepreneurs.

e. Can create brand awareness.

f. Help connect with your consumers to Initiate more business.

8. The Credibility to Close a Deal/Sale :

It is very important to communicate positively, clearly and very confidently. If you lack confidence people will not take you seriously. One needs to believe in themselves and in what one is trying to achieve. "Where there is a will, there is a way," remember the quote. Always remember to smile. Negotiate wisely and do not delay your decisions. Also, remember walking away at times could lead to better deals. Get them to connect with your other satisfied customers or clients. Make them feel very confident about your product. Give them better discounts. Prove to them that you are providing them value and that is more important to you than just making the sale.

9. Develop the Ability to Figure Out the New Trends in the Market :

Social media plays a vital role in recognising new trends in the market. Business moves very quickly so you must have the ability to understand the changes in your industry. You must step away from the business and ask the question, "what else or what you want as a client" is key and will bring about change which is the only thing which is constant.

10. Be Open to Failures :

No business is perfect. Every business will have its ups & downs. You must have the ability to deal with the ever-growing changes in one's business. You can be very successful only when you are open to trying new methods, some might work for you and your company and many that will not work out as planned. Always remember all the successful entrepreneurs out there have tried many times before finding success. Failure is certainly not the end but a channel to lead you to success.

Vishal Sivappa

Co-founder of The Betta Life & Easy Tiger

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