Three Women, One Dream: Saanya Sharma, Sanjana Shah and Aashna Lalwani

The trio's entrepreneurial journey started in their early 20s with a lot of resistance, but they strode against all odds to set an example that is now inspiring women entrepreneurs to get started and keep going.

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Three Entertainment
Saanya Sharma, Sanjana Shah and Aashna Lalwani

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The exhilarating journey of three Co-founders, Saanya Sharma, Sanjana Shah and Aashna Lalwani as they build Three Entertainment – one extraordinary event at a time. Three tenacious women in business, being the strongest pillars of one another, propelled by one dream to put Three Entertainment on the map for all things entertainment, design and decor. It is not every day we see a partnership as unwavering as this trio's, thriving in this dynamic industry to bridge the gap between aspirations and reality with a refreshing approach and a solid game plan. "We always wanted to do something completely new and unheard of, and with that aim, we started doing commercial events, which provided us with a small pool of funds that allowed us to start designing and producing bigger events," Sanjana Shah shared.

The trio's entrepreneurial journey started in their early 20s with a lot of resistance, but they strode against all odds to set an example that is now inspiring women entrepreneurs to get started and keep going. "As founders, we've harnessed the beauty of three unique approaches and points of view, and transformed it into our greatest strength – a creative synergy and an amalgamation of three different aesthetics. The beauty of which is undeniable. This allows us to showcase new and fresh concepts that have never been witnessed before", stated Aashna Lalwani. The Drunch Club event hosted at Mumbai's most sought-after restaurant, Bastian, marked the tipping point in the brand's success story. What started as an unintentional act of building a brand and promoting high-quality international concepts in Mumbai, led them to garner a great number of followers on Instagram.

"At the end of the day, our primary goal is to put a smile on people's faces, and we've been fortunate enough to do that for a variety of people and occasions, from children's parties to weddings, from working with brands to independent influencers, our audience comes in all forms and sizes," expresses Saanya Sharma. While the trio has executed more than 1200 events in the past six years, the one event that has been a significant milestone for them planning the wedding of fellow cofounder and friend, Sanjana Shah's wedding. The three founders have been planning each other's big day ever since the inception of the brand and when they got the chance to make this dream wedding a reality for Sanjana, it was an extremely emotional and euphoric moment for everyone at three. The team executed the wedding decor with love, care, and attention to detail, making it a memorable occasion for everyone involved. Three has worked with the industry's most affluent clientele like Kareena Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Massoom Minawala, among others. They've also collaborated with corporate biggies such as Reliance, Adani and D'Decor, many more.

When the pandemic put the world at a standstill, Three's resourceful bunch pivoted into the gifting space and curated themed gift boxes in synchronization with their thematic events, leading the company to create two unique divisions – Decor & Gifting.

Talking about future expansions and vision for the brand, the Three Co-founders shared unanimously, "Now, our focus is on expanding and reaching one step closer to our ultimate vision of offering multidimensional services for all things creativity, design, and decor. We are working on building a stronger, more experienced team, ramping up our marketing efforts on social and digital platforms, and exploring new territories both in India and abroad".

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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