4 Ways Content Creators Can Find Their Niche To find a group that likes your content and craves more, you need to find your niche. We recently got in touch with content creators who have been in the game and wished to share their learnings. Keep reading if you want to know 4 ways to go around finding your content niche.

By Kavya Pillai

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The world of content creation is booming with new creators emerging every day. This world of influencers and influencer marketing is surely tricky to navigate. While some have experienced success overnight others are still waiting for a greater engagement with their audience.

But how does one find this audience? How should aspiring content creators navigate the sea of influencers and find a space for themselves to drop their anchor and attract a good following? Building a personal brand from the ground up can be challenging and it requires a strong base with more finesse than normal. As a new influencer, you will spend a lot of time on your creativity and content while juggling an online presence.

The Cambridge dictionary defines niche as a job or position that is exactly suitable for a small group of the same type. In the world of content creation, creators find their group of people who alight with their content. To find a group that likes your content and craves more, you need to find your niche. We recently got in touch with three content creators, Yashi Tank (1 Million Instagram Followers), Devanshu Mahajan (1.8 Million Instagram Followers) and Pawan Patil aka 3.59_edits (1.2 Million Instagram Followers) who have been in the game and wished to share their learnings. Keep reading if you want to know 4 ways to go around finding your content niche.

1. How do you decide your niche?

Each content creator has their niche or forte where they engage their audience. You can start by seeing what your present circle of friends and family come to you for advice on the most. Content Creator and Entrepreneur Yashi Tank shared that their, "niche is mainly fashion & beauty but to connect my audience with my day-to-day I also do a little bit of lifestyle." When asked how they decided upon this genre of content creation they shared, "I was a skincare beauty enthusiast and people often came to me and asked questions about my hair, makeup and clothes. So I knew if I were to enter this field my niche would certainly be fashion/beauty." Sometimes the advice of friends and family works wonders, Devanshu Mahajan a content creator shared, "I never imagined humour would be my area of expertise. I made comedy videos on the advice of friends and family, and it was successful."

2. Should you experiment with content?

The internet has the shortest expiry date for new products, sometimes what was viral in the morning becomes old news by night. In such a fast-paced space, creators need to have to be on a quest to present something fresh and new. Tank on whether she experiments said, "Yes a lot, in fact recently I started a few series and they were distinct from any of the content I posted to date. Fortunately, they all did really well for me. But I made sure I keep a hold on my niche even if I keep experimenting." Mahajan on similar lines said, "I believe that the secret to long-term success is to be able to adapt to change and try new activities."

3. What should aspiring content creators do?

According to Mahajan aspiring content creators or those new in the space should never "stop creating content." Rather they should "upload content regularly." It takes a while for the audience to recognise you and expect more of your work. Tank believes "it is of utmost important to decide a niche and to stick to it." Doing so will help people associate you with your work easily. If you post as Mr vides and anyone looking for such videos sees more of your uploads it won't take long for them to associate your name with such content. Patil shared that anyone can join the content-creating space at "any time they want." You are never too late, too young or too old. If you want to put your work in the digital space then there is no one stopping you. The choice is solely yours to make.

4. How do you keep up with changes?

The algorithm of social media sites such as Instagram keeps changing along with its features. Tank shared that she tries "to use these features asap because what I have noticed is when a platform launches a new feature they want us to use it" sooner than later. Mahajan said, "You'll need to play around with your content. You must observe what others are producing, follow patterns, and collaborate with others. It's like moving with the crowd, but making your content stand out." Patil has a cooler approach to these changes he said," I keep posting content regularly as it helps me get a good reach and my algorithm doesn't affect me then."

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