How to Build Brand Awareness For A Product Using Social Media

Instagram and Facebook ads can help you target the right set of audience, and result in focused conversions and are extremely cost-efficient

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Without a doubt, social media has revolutionized communication in the digital era. One of the biggest advantages of social media is the promotion of product and services online. The inexpensive way gives the brand a perfect opportunity to reach their target audience and build awareness for the product. The success of your brand depends on the social visibility and the reach in the online world.

Entrepreneur India spoke to experts to know few ways to build brand awareness using social media:

Engage Your Audience:

The most important step for improving your social media engagement is listening to your customer. According to Rohit Raj, Co-Founder and Creative Chief, The Glitch, the one golden rule any brand needs to follow before making a foray into social platforms where their audiences lie is, interact and don't interrupt.

"Social platforms, serve as a place for people to communicate with the rest of the world. The last thing somebody wants is a brand to jump into a conversation and interrupt them. Which is why we skip ads as soon as the options are available or install pop up blockers to avoid being bombarded by irrelevant messaging," he said.

How does a brand interact without interrupting? By making them useful. For example, a beauty brand could choose to interrupt peoples conversation by telling them the benefits of their products or interact with their consumers by giving them various DIY make up tutorials that they could do with their brand.

"Suddenly instead of being an ad, you are now a useful piece of communication that people would want to consume," added Raj.

Define Your Customer Well:

For Saket Agarwal, Founder and CEO, Lazy Jojo, marketing, is no longer about what you make, but about the stories, you tell.

"Social media is bread and butter for the start-ups venturing into the unknown world of e-commerce. If used effectively, it can actually help accomplish many things. I think in the quest to create brand awareness for your product, Instagram does the trick, as it helps you cater to the niche audience you want to target. But you need to make sure that you define your customer well," shared Agarwal adding that with the help of Google analytics, target your customers with all the right tools and you're good to go.

Agarwal added the other very important thing to nail create your brand awareness is mastering your content.

"Have a strategy in place or you will be all over the place with your ads. Without a strategy, content is nothing. Always remember, traditional marketing talks at people, unconventional smart marketing talks with people," said Agarwal.

Using Right Tools:

In today's age, with a multitude of brands competing for the limited attention span of customers, it becomes extremely important for a brand to connect with them by creating a personality for itself.

Tanvi Johri, Co-Founder and CEO, Carmesi feels social media, being one of the most powerful tools to underscore a brand's identity and purpose, helps build a brand.

"By using the right tools and generating the right content, a brand can create an instant connection with people, bringing in a sense of inquisitiveness. Instagram and Facebook ads can help you target the right set of audience, and result in focused conversions and are extremely cost-efficient," said Johri

Getting best visibility of a product or a brand is a tough task these days with so much data on our timelines from all social media platforms.

Use Visual Content for Maximum Impact :

Donesh Jain, Founder of Makoba emphasized the best way is to get a right mix of a unique product with nice creative to have a good visual impact and conversational data.

"Of course hashtags plays a super important role, hence choosing the right tags is critically important.And yes engaging people to tag their friends in the post is a great tool for a good number of impressions," he said.

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