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Ghazal Alagh, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Honasa Consumer Limited

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By Punita Sabharwal • Jan 20, 2023

Ghazal Alagh, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Honasa Consumer Limited

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When mompreneur Ghazal Alagh, the co-founder of Mamaearth built a successful business and also appeared as a shark on Season 1 of Shark Tank India, people were turning to her for advice. Sharing her content on social media in the form of her experiences as an entrepreneur and learnings from her mistakes made people connect with her on various levels. However, her social media journey had begun prior to this. The first content that went viral was one of her LinkedIn posts in 2019 when she started sharing some success stories.

Talking about the fame she received post-Shark Tank, Alagh mentions, "It allowed us to be ourselves and that was what clicked with the audience. It was overwhelming that people were able to connect with me at an individual level. People wanted to be a part of my life and wanted to know more about me as a person. While I was already active on social platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram, this sudden surge made me realize the importance of my content."

Her content is a representation of her personality and her experiences. With this, she has built a brand staying connected with people like her. Most of her LinkedIn and other social posts are largely topical to business updates. Talking about the kind of content she creates, Alagh adds, "In today's day and age, you never know which minute experience can change the trajectory of events for someone else, hence I keep sharing my experiences online."

Talking about influencing the lives of others as an investor, she says, "I have been actively investing in small businesses and mentoring the founders with the knowledge I have been able to gain over the years of building four brands and understanding of the Indian consumer."

While concluding the interaction on using your power for a higher purpose, Alagh avers, "One issue that is very close to me and that I have been actively working on is 'Gender equality at the workplace'. I have been vocal about it on my LinkedIn and we have deployed policies to ensure women get equal representation and a say at the table."

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