This Indian App Aims to Give Women a Private Place to Network Able believes that when like-minded women come together it can often blossom into valuable friendships.

By Nidhi Singh

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While there are many apps in the market for meeting interesting people but nothing so far has been built with the intention of connecting women all over India. Women network quite differently than men and that's why there are still some major gender differences on few specific platforms.

When Able Joseph founded the "Heel the World" app, a networking platform exclusively for women, his intention was clear to build an app exclusively for women seeking new friendships with other like-minded women. He came up with this idea when he got multiple requests made by the women users of Aisle, a dating app.

"We received suggestions from women who thought that other women on Aisle seemed quite interesting, and they were looking for a way to connect with them, network, and build friendships. We think it'll serve as a great collaboration medium. What women in India need today is to stand up for other women all around them and this app hopefully will help them do just that, by forging valuable friendships between women who would have otherwise never met," Able shared, adding that when like-minded women come together it can often blossom into valuable friendships.

Story Behind the Name:

For standing out in a crowd, one needs to make a great mobile app name. The name of the app defines the vision and represents core- belief of the company. The team members of 'Heel the World' app felt that the unique name might remind people of a powerful song which was a clarion call to the world to make a difference for good in the world we live in.

"We wanted the name to be symbolic to the intentions of the app. While thinking about the concept we ran through a lot of names and finally fixed on Heel the World as we felt that it was representative of an empowered woman in the modern world, "he said

Able believes that when women get together and collaborate on matters that they're passionate about, they can alter so much and cause an impact so important that it may change the world and its perceptions. He wanted the app to be a platform that facilitates these kinds of connections.

Women Empowerment Among Key Priority:

Talking about the idea of building a private place particularly for women, Able said that the opposite gender may not find value in such a product.

"We still live in a male-dominated world and there are multiple mediums that cater to networking among men. We men don't get friend requests on popular networks from random women asking to be befriended. There is no need for a private place that would keep out women so that men could convene together at one place. After all, women empowerment is among our priorities as a society. Not the other way around," he opined.

Heel The World is Not Anything like Tinder:

Able finds it little strange that these days any app that connects two or more individuals is considered sexual and "tinder-like' considering the general perception in the country is that Tinder is an app that promotes a hook-up culture. He feels that this may be a trend seen due to the over-sexualization of whatever is portrayed in popular media.

Stating the reason for not comparing his app with Tinder, he said "I'd prefer that HTW is not perceived to be anything like Tinder. Since Tinder popularized with the "like' feature, any app that uses a similar mechanism gets tagged under it. But if we study closely, the feed on HTW is more similar to Aisle. Aisle is a young company that is fast catching on as the go-to app for young men and women who are seeking serious relationships. Those who have used it will realize quickly that the Heel the World draws most of its inspiration from Aisle,"

Nidhi Singh

Former Correspondent, Entrepreneur Asia-Pacific

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