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6 Low Cost Ways to Make Money Start-ups are often confused as they believe that building a business requires large capital funding. Here are the top 6 categories that need only your time and skill

By Rustam Singh

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Everyone working in a 9-5 job, no matter how highly paid or luxurious in nature dreams of starting their own business at some point of time in their career. Entrepreneurs, in theory, are driven by passion, skill and idea execution. However in India, crippling lack of funds and no funding often brings ideas down and their passionate drive to be in control over their own lives as well. Sure, sometimes ideas are born and some ideas may die to make room for better ones, but the enthusiasm of an entrepreneur should not die. And money, of all factors, should not be an issue for not being an entrepreneur.

Here are some of the top ideas to be the boss of your own life and in starting an entrepreneur business. These may act as buffer to make some cash for savings for your big idea to take off, or if time drives you to like the business, a small scale enterprise can quickly convert into a franchise soon too.


Tired of working under a large corporation and rendering your heart and soul into it by reaping only a fixed salary? It's about time you consider freelancing. Whether its photography, art, writing, music, teaching, directing or practically any technical or non-technical field, there are several portals online which offer freelancing options. Some of these can run into longer durations, and others can be short term – but the prospectus of working and not working when you want, is priceless.


Tutoring is a great way to make money and brush your skill set while sharpening your knowledge and talent. In whatever field you're good at, whether it's teaching children their course curriculum, entrance examinations, or even a specialized field – such as arts, crafts, music, photography, designing, website making, programming, even driving – the world is always in need of tutors.


Why risk all the collateral damage of environmental variables, risks of investment and time consumption, when you can be the middle man agent of a product or service? Agents are crucial in bridging gaps between customers and the vastness of options available on the internet of jobs, goods & services. For someone who is not as technologically savvy or patient enough to understand the internet, agents can add a personalized touch to the idea of sale and purchase, making good money in the process.

Baby sitting

One of the most under-utilized industries in India, baby sitting is just waiting for an industry expert to be tapped. If you're friendly with children, using word of mouth of a brilliant ad can get you started on offering Indian families finally some quality time among themselves, and get paid hourly for your services.

Career Counseling

Your really don't need any expert training to offer basic advice in career counseling. Generic questionnaires, surveys and advice exist in the vastness of the internet waiting to be utilized. You can merely acts as the middle man and offer well researched advice from the internet to anxious children and young adults over the likelihood of choosing a profession they might like.

Event manager

Being an event manager is like being the handy man in life. If multitasking is forte, then this is a valuable profession to consider pursuing. All it takes it to have excellent contacts, seek out all options for the kind of events you aim to include in your regular clients. All it takes is some research and excellent negotiating skills.

Rustam Singh


Tech reporter.

Contact me if you have a truly unique technology related startup looking for a review and coverage, especially a crowd-funded project looking to launch and coverage.

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