Roles of PR, SEO & Marketing Teams in a Start-up No matter which industry you are dealing in, an increasing need for search engine optimisation can't be avoided

By Subhasis Chatterjee

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Success of an entrepreneur not only depends on his personal instincts rather it evolves out of a team effort. In cases where start-ups need more resources or funds, the composition of the foundation team becomes crucial.

Here we will discuss a few roles that are necessary to be taken by every entrepreneur. A company can achieve great success through proper management of its human resources. Equip them with the company and its resources and manage them to attain your developmental goals.

Marketing and Public Relations (PR)

The PR and Marketing are two separate teams. But in case of small companies, they may merge together for accomplishing goals set by the company. A single team comprising experts in both fields can perform those tasks. Therefore it may pick up any one of the labels.

But for a bigger company, it is important to understand the difference between the two.

PR is to do with spreading the brand message outwards. The PR and the Marketing team could coordinate to ensure a consistent brand image.

PR team could develop the marketing plans and can join hands with marketing team to receive feedback.

PR team can look towards the perception of customers, vendors, partners etc. This team can take a look behind and can ask for how a particular price or message is decided. They understand the perception of all stakeholders and if it is not the desired perception, then it is the responsibility of PR team to identify it and correct it.

Managing the Reputation

It is the responsibility of the PR team to handle all the critical issues related to branding. If there is any sort of negativity found, PR team will look into the matter and handle it. This task is called reputation management.

Nothing is more pleasing than having people talking positively about your brand. A good PR department can handle the following tasks as well:

Event management

Social media campaigns

Brand development

Press releases and control

SMM Teams

The SMM team of your organisation is generally responsible for the following activities:

Building social media profiles

Building contacts with the people on social media.

SMM is a general marketing team. The marketing team is a bigger umbrella under which SMM team performs.

There is a gap between you and your target audience and you need to bridge that gap with your intelligence and marketing efforts. SMM team will help you in that. A social media manager will play the most important role here. His skills and knowledge could help you to boost up his sales. He could help you in identifying your target audience, increases exposure to your brand and boost up the return on investments. For a great new startup, all you need, is a team of social media professionals who will ensure turning the audience' attention towards you.

Search Engine Optimisation

No matter which industry you are dealing in, an increasing need for search engine optimisation can't be avoided. Heading towards digital marketing, an SEO specialist will boost up your sales in no time without putting in much pressure in your pocket. This will bring out higher ROI than any other method of online selling.

An SEO is also similar to SMM. They also manage the company's websites, blogs etc. It establishes a link with other companies' websites. It determines the most powerful keywords to be used in the marketing plan to attract more and more customers.


Understand and gauge the people you hired. Know their skills and personality traits and identify their potential to work with others. Develop a great team and define the roles each and every individual. Let them know their responsibilities. It will allow your company to earn more and more profits at minimum costs. Not to waste any more time now. Kick start your media marketing plan and achieve success.

Subhasis Chatterjee

Owner, ConnectIndia

Subhasis Chatterjee is a Web Journalist, a Content Architect & a Content Analyst from Kolkata, India with an experience legacy of more than 23 years. His core competency lies in the areas of Personal Branding, Digital Marketing, Social Media Propagation, Reputation Management & Entrepreneurship Skill Development.

His company ConnectIndia is a professional content creation and digital marketing service providing company. Apart from different IT services, the company runs three unique online courses like Content writing, Web Journalism & Digital Marketing. ConnectIndia also runs a good number of live workshops on different career oriented courses pan India.

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