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By Entrepreneur India Staff

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YouTube is the second most popular website on the Internet, and the average user spends 9 minutes a day on the website.

But it's too late to get started with YouTube, and growing a YouTube following is too hard – right?

No way! There is going to be no better time to get started than today. And with the access we all have to quality cameras on our smartphones and the ability to publish directly to YouTube from our phones, there is no excuse not to get started.

Anyone with an email address can start up their own YouTube channel and start publishing videos for the world to see. And as a small business owner you can create a business YouTube channel and start publishing videos to attract new customers.

If you've already tried to do some marketing on YouTube you may be like the majority of businesses who are doing it wrong.

Instead of publishing videos about your business, you want to create educational and entertaining videos around the subject of your business.

Let's say that you own a Women's Shoe brand. Posting videos about the shoes you carry might be helpful for your current customers, but probably won't gain much traction outside of your current customers.

Instead try creating educational videos for women on which type of shoes should be worn with certain style outfits, or which color shoes match certain color outfits. These are videos that all women interested in fashion may be inclined to watch. If you do a good enough job on the videos they may even go viral and get shared between thousands of women, gaining you new customers in the process.

I've grown 3 YouTube channels to over 1,000 subscribers (one with 25,000+) and have gotten plenty of sales from my YouTube videos that were free to create and publish on the popular site.

An easy way to come up with video topics for your YouTube videos is to visit your website (or a competitor's website) and take a look at the informational type articles posted. Those same subjects often make for great videos as well.

For example, we published a Baseball Speed Workout video on our Baseball Training website, and we are now working on turning that article into a video with demonstrations. Most of the work has been done for us with the writing of the article, and now we just have to turn it into video form.

The best way to get views on your videos is to create content around topics that people are searching for within your niche. If you title your video something that people may be searching for in YouTube you may see your video ranking near the top of the search results and you can get free traffic or viewers.

For our baseball training website we would want to create and title a video "How to increase baseball hitting power", as that is something that baseball players would be searching. And using our prior example of women's shoes you might want to create a video titled "Best budget shoes in 2017" if you think that's what your target market would be searching for.

Another way to get free viewers is to create videos around popular topics and have your video show up in the "suggested videos" section on YouTube. If a new product in your niche has been announced you can create a video about that product, and when people are watching other videos about that product your video may show up in the suggestion videos for that viewer to watch after they are done.

Creating as many videos as possible is they key to quickly growing on YouTube, as it will give you more opportunities to show up in both the search results and the suggested videos list for other creators videos. But with that said you also need to make sure you are publishing quality and interesting videos, as videos that don't get good feedback from viewers won't show up in the search results or suggested videos.

My suggestion would be to create as many quality and interesting videos as you can. For some this may be one video a day, and for others it may be one video per week. Find your balance and stick to a publishing schedule with your videos.

Don't let not having expensive camera gear or video production skills stop you from creating YouTube videos for your business. Nowadays the smart phone you have in your pocket will most likely film HD video, and it's the content and message within the video that is much more important.

Don't get discouraged when you first starting publishing videos on YouTube for your business, as the growth rate starts off slow for almost all creators, but once things start to pick up you will be amazed at how much you can help build your business through videos – all for free thanks to the YouTube platform.

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