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6 Things to Know Before You Enter Events & Exhibition Space Before entering the events industry one needs to have some idea of what the industry is like in concrete and we have the tips.

By Yogesh Mudras

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If you think working in an exhibition and events space is about traveling and meeting new people then you may be partially correct. On the whole this industry has much more to offer. The exhibitions industry is growing at a 16% CAGR, overtaking the Indian media and entertainment (M&E) industry which is growing at 11-13% CAGR. The bets are high in this space which means the sooner you learn about this space the better chances you will have at seizing the right opportunities!

Here are the top 6 key learning's that you must keep in mind if you think this industry is meant for you!

  1. Training on the go- Unlike other industries, expect most of your trainings while you are on the job although external courses are available. This, in a way, has added to the broader overview of the industry. After all, professionals from other sectors join in to add their unique perspectives – and in an industry as versatile as exhibitions, diversity matters. Some exhibition companies also offer international exchange programmes to share best practices and learn new ways of workings.

  2. Every day is a different day- If you think you get bored easily – then this space could be apt for you as every day offers a new learning. Not only do you get to attend events in different sectors but also the fact that each industry might be supremely different from the other. Like you might begin your week with a pharma event and end it with an event on F&B industry. This literally translates to having a broader understanding of different sector and helps you being the Jack of all trades. Additionally, the exciting thing is that one gets to travel to different places and blend in with different cultures.

  3. The perfect juggler – Every employee working in exhibition and events possesses the super power of multitasking and quick turnarounds. You need to be focussed on everything at every time. This could be challenging, eh? Fear not, often after an expo is over, team members take trekking or leisure trips just to unwind from the frenzy of it all.

  4. Not your mundane 9-5 job- While you travel for your exhibitions, your time extends and sometimes stretches more than you expect. While you struggle to remain awake, you also need to be on your toes at the same time (PS: Black coffee helps). If you are a strategic planner, a designer or a corporate communication manager – you can definitely expect a call on weekends.

  5. Every word counts- Exhibition industry help you brush both your hard and soft skills. While you come across different people with various interests you also deal with tricky situations. You learn to make quick and rational decisions under pressure. And you've got to love people – this is the most important trait – in the ultimate human-to-human business. You must show passion and energy in creatively solving issues preferably with the help of new, impressive technology.

  6. You can be anything you want – This industry offers you diverse range of roles; you could be a financial controller, an audio/visual technician or an event caterer. You could be in charge of logistics, security or building exhibition stands and stages. Marketing, sales, management and customer service roles are the roles in high demand. Work apart, some companies also provide employees to take up to 32 working hours throughout the year to volunteer.

Yogesh Mudras

Managing Director, Informa Markets in India

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