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Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting a Business in the Indian Beauty & Wellness Space The finest services would not make for a great success story, unless the message reaches your target audience

By Mahema Bhardwaj

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The Indian beauty and wellness industry is one of the busiest in the country and boasts of a growth potential unlike any other. As a new entrepreneur, entering this segment can be quite daunting due to the established existence of many well-renowned brands in the business.

Decrypting the trends that dominate the market and silencing critics to stay ahead of the game is a key skill that new age entrepreneurs, especially in the beauty and wellness space need to refine. In order to help new entrepreneurs' manoeuvre through the market and establish their brand successfully.

  1. Create a Niche: Identifying your niche is the first step towards establishing a successful brand in the beauty and wellness segment. Irrespective of whether the new venture would be a spa, salon or cosmetic based brand; it is crucial to keep in mind that they only way to stand out in this competitive market is to bring a unique concept to the forefront. This would help you differentiate your brand from other players in the market. This could be in terms of the services that you offer, the products that you create or the audience that you serve.

  2. Focus on Quality: Individuals who invest in personal grooming pay great attention to the products utilised in their services. Therefore, as an owner of a beauty and wellness brand, it is key that you pay attention to the minutest of details while sourcing the whole product or ingredients for the product that you plan on using. Quality plays an important role not only in terms of the products that you offer but also in terms of the service that you provide. This aspect may take more time, energy and resources to attain perfection, but it will all be worth it in the end.

  3. Invest in Grooming of Staff: Since your employees would most likely be front-ending customer relations, especially when you have a spa or salon – it is important to invest in their training and grooming. One should check if they are certified from a known body in the industry and ensure they undergo regular training to further enhance their skills. Having a training centre as a part of your spa or salon would be a cherry on the cake. This would give your staff an opportunity to practice their skills when the outlet isn't rushed with customers – also ensuring that their time is put to good use.

  4. Pay Attention to Sanitation and Hygiene: As a consumer-centric business, our attention towards sanitation and hygiene is directly proportional to client satisfaction and retention. Since, the services and products that we offer in this industry have direct contact with people's skin – a lax in terms of hygiene can prove to be extremely damaging towards our business. Therefore, investing in high-quality sanitisation products and technology along with the utilisation of disposable instruments (as much as possible) can be beneficial – the more organic the better. Also, paying attention to the therapist's attire, use of hairnets and masks while delivering services will also contribute towards establishing oneself at the top of the line. Regular cleaning of the space in between services, nicely laundered towels and etc. further add to the charm.

  5. Establish a Communication Strategy: A well planned communication strategy can be one of the best investments you make towards the growth of your business. The finest services would not make for a great success story, unless the message reaches your target audience. A good social media and PR strategy can help you create a top of the mind recall for the brand and will also assist you in tapping into the right target audience.

Mahema Bhardwaj

Managing Director, The Mani Pedi Spa

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