4 AI Tools To Use At Work

AI can be used by freelancers, employees, managers and basically anyone looking to increase their output easily. We have compiled a list of AI tools one can incorporate into their work life to simplify tasks and save time.

By Kavya Pillai

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The world of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is growing rapidly and businesses are using AI tools to improve their productivity, ideation and execution of tasks. The benefit of AI at work is that it handles several minor and repetitive tasks across departments. This helps employees focus on creative solutions and solving other complex difficulties. A simple example of this is the use of chatbots.

AI technology has created solutions to minimize efforts and time for several tasks, helping companies regardless of their size become more efficient. One of the major benefits of AI is deep insights and analysis. Its benefits can be enjoyed by freelancers, employees, managers and basically anyone looking to increase their output easily.
We have compiled a list of AI tools one can incorporate into their work life to simplify tasks and save time.

1. ChatGPT
OpenAI's newly introduced chatbot called ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm. This AI tool is a Large Language Model that can basically give you answers to any question asked in a well-curated text. The tool has a good understanding of how humans ask questions and knows how to translate data into answers. It can write essays, compose poetry and even give you styling tips.

The tool can be used to compose emails, simple copies and explain concepts. Thus, saving a lot of time. One can easily use the tool to send emails about follow-ups, scheduling meetings, status updates and other repetitive messages.

2. Fireflies
Fireflies is an AI tool that uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) for note-taking during meetings. The tool easily records and transcribes your meetings for you, so you can revisit the details of the meetings and focus on the conversation actively. The tool can record any meeting held on web-conference platforms. All you have to do is invite the tool, Fireflies, to your meeting and share conversations. The tool can transcribe live meetings and any audio file uploaded.

This helps to work in a team seamlessly by revisiting what has been previously discussed and leaving remarks for future meets. One of the best aspects of the tool is the search functionality which enables you to review any meeting regardless of its duration in just five minutes.

3. Legal Robot
One of the top business tools is Legal Robot. This tool makes legal support more accessible for any company. It helps employees understand any document they sign by deciphering complex legal contracts and jargon. The tool uses NLP and deep learning to create a legal model from a large database of contracts and legal scenarios. The tool can also be used to improve the readability of contracts you create and helps your employees have a clear understanding of what they are signing up for.

This saves you time on going over your contract with each employee you onboard and also keeps everyone on the same page.

4. Splitwise
One of the large parts of corporate life is the corporate meetings, dinners and other team plans. At any level in an enterprise, you would rely on some team bonding activities and outings to help keep the morale up. The only thing to avoid after working a long day and planning an outing with your colleagues is the extra math and tracking put into splitting bills and acquiring payments.

Splitwise is a simple tool that is user-friendly and lets you track spending by category, store high-resolution receipts and convert bills by exchange rate. This helps you and everyone using the tool split any bill and stay on top of paying back their halves. So, avoid those complex divisions by keeping a note of who ordered what and conversations reminding people to pay back by simply using an app.

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