#8 Cool Things You Didn't Know Facebook Messenger Could Do & Make Your Life Easier

What if we tell that now you can unsend the messages? This app is more than just a messenger

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The Facebook messenger is a 1.3 billion user community who communicate with various people every month. FB messenger has become an integral part of our personal and professional lives, but do we know everything about it?


The tech world is already shocked by the fact that one can easily unsend the messages but that's just one part. Messenger is a lot more than just any messenger. Since the time it has become an app, the makers have been adding functions that we often fail to discover.

Facebook has integrated so much in this messengers that it has become more than just a messaging application. It comprises of features that can help you in your day-to-day chores making it a tech companion that you always needed.

1. Unsend Messages

Source: Facebook

First and foremost let's start with a feature that literally rocked the tech world. It's a feature that many wanted to create for years and some even claimed to have, but Facebook has finally introduced it.

The feature lets you unsend the messages for up to 10 minutes after you have sent the original message. However, once you have unsent it, it will reflect that you have removed the message (something similar to that on WhatsApp).

2. Send and receive money

The app allows users to send and receive money. This feature is quite similar to that of Venmo, where you can connect your credit card to the app. You can send and request money as well.

To use this, link your card by going to Profile>Payments>Add New Debit Card. To transfer or receive money just sign in to your chat and hit the bottom left button, transfer the necessary amount.

3. Book A Flights, Hotels, Restaurant, and More

Yes, this isn't just your messaging app! It lets you do things that no app allows, making things easier for you. Messenger is equipped with Tripadvisor and an in-house dev team which is called "Open Table'.

What does it do?

It helps you to book hotels, flights, restaurants, events and also keeps you updated about your upcoming trips. Also, the app has over 300,000 bots which cover everything from Football Matches to Opera House.

4. Let's you make a conversation with Chat Bots

Source: Pixabay

If chatting with humans is too much for your liking. Messengers give you bots that will keep you entertained. They play a quiz with you, send news flash, let you play games, help in placing orders and a lot more. Click on Discover in the bottom right corner and pick any bot that makes you interested.

5. Secret Encrypted Chats

Don't we all need this feature? FB messengers now let you have encrypted chat that no one can see. Not even their team or the government. At least that's what they claim so.

The system uses end-to-end encryption making it safe.

The usage is simple. Start the chat, click on 'Secret' tab in the top right corner. Make your messages disappear after a stipulated time, click on the clock icon which appears next to the text box and do the needful.

6. Send 15 seconds video Snippets

While we all love video chats but it's interesting that FB Messenger lets you send 15-second video snippets to others for quick and effective communication. FB messenger makes it easier to juggle between all your contacts instantly. It also lets you host a video conference which can easily add up to 50 people at a go.

7. Use AR To Shop

Source: Facebook

We all love shopping and messenger has become a place where AR shopping is becoming the biggest thing. Nike and Sephora are already on the platform.

They simply let you take a 3D look of how the sneaker or let's say the lipstick will look on you. It might remind you of a Snapchat filter but when it comes to shopping, it is indeed a useful feature nowadays.

8. Manage your Visibility

Love your privacy? Messenger lets you use features beyond Facebook's own security features. The green dot tells others about your visibility. But if you want to hide, navigate to Settings > Active Status and turn it off. This means until you ping them, they will have no idea you exist.

You can even block people. To do so, navigate to Settings > People > Blocked. This blocks people from your contact. In case you want to unblock them, follow the same process and just unblock them.