A Blockchain Solution For Social Media Problems MediaCoin is a new way to both share your content and to earn from what you've shared

By John Stanly

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In today's digital age, everything is about expressing yourself online. With that expression comes the potential to earn from what you have shared with others by monetizing content, on top of selling merchandise and other products. Unfortunately, the problem that is faced by numerous online creators is that many of the popular service providers are exercising strict and often ridiculous authoritarian rule over what can be posted. This draconian over-reach in turn affects how users are able to earn off of their content. This is where MedaCoin steps in.

MediaCoin is a new way to both share your content and to earn from what you've shared. By using blockchain technology, users are provided a new uncensored and secure way to share the content of their choice with potential fans and clients. On top of more traditional forms of earning, users can make use of blockchain/Crypto technology to sell things like NFTs, as well as to pay for various goods and services. There is also the potential to earn money from the MC coin as well and use it to accept payments as well as trade in other cryptocurrencies.

The MediaCoin company was started by a visionary in the field, Sergey Sevantsyan. Within the platform he has started, there are no community guidelines and no moderators – therefore, creators don't need to worry so much about what they can or can't say for fear of their channel being demonetized or even canceled. On top of this, advertising, such as annoying pop-ups and the like, do not exist on the platform at all.

If it so happens that you are not so familiar with NFTs and their possible uses and benefits, no problem. MediaCoin offers a turnkey service to help users create their own and sell them, on top of everything else.

MediaCoin's plan is to integrate the real world with the crypto world and in doing so remove the apprehension many people face with regards to investing in cryptocurrencies. By creating a mini-crypto economy which is based on the already established MC Coin there is a solid base for new investors to feel secure.

MediaCoin has also introduced an ambassador program which allows users to apply and receive a budget for promotional purposes. This will allow users to push the limits of the platform to the max in order to reach all potential fans and clients alike.

Next up, MediaCoin plans to launch its own MetaVerse. By June 2022 people will be able to enter the virtual world, hang out, learn from others and even earn money. Whether it be famous stars, influencers or other creators, it will enable everyone involved to showcase, exchange, and sell their NFTs. At first, the MetaVerse will be viewed as 2D, but very soon it will go fully virtual with the use of VR goggles.

This is only the start of MediaCoin, it is easy to see how the platform will be able to flourish as time goes on. With more freedom provided to creators with regards to content, marketing, and monetization it is a no-brainer that the only direction for the platform is up!
John Stanly

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