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A Music And Dance NFT Project With Real Life Use Cases Utopia Club NFT Collection is one that does great within the metaverse and beyond

By Srivatsa KR

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The Utopia Club NFT is quickly gathering a lot of hype within the NFT world. And today, we are going to take a look at its use cases in the real world and in the metaverse.

At the heart of this project, is the community. A community with a purpose. One that has people that share a common passion. A passion for music and dance.

Set in the retro theme, the characters of the project are all dressed out with fancy hair-dos, retro styled accessories and funky shades. All set to have a wonderful time singing and dancing. But, what makes this project different from others? Is it just some fancy art with no utility? Let's explore!

Collaborative Community

One of the first things that stand out about the Utopia Club is that they are a purpose-driven community. What do all the holders of a bear NFT or an ape NFT have in common? Apart from the goal to make a quick buck, not so much.

With Utopia, this is where they shine. The community, be it on Twitter, or on Discord, is all united by a common passion. The vibe is just much different from the typical "wen-lambo' mindset. It's about collaborating with other artists and it's about creative expression.

Collaborative Radio & Wall of Fame

Next up, we have the utilities. And, again, given the theme of the project the utilities are relevant to the users and the project. You have a community-managed radio station where holders can share their music and dance. You have a members-only wall of fame that all holders can collaborate to. It's all about getting together, creating and expressing.

The Metaverse

Perhaps the most useful utility of the Utopia Club would be it's club within the metaverse. An 80's style retro-themed disco club where the holders of the NFT can hang-out, meet new people, have dance offs and more!

And this, in and of its own, is a great use-case of the project. One that goes beyond the "JPEG' and gives the holders something more real.


Following up with the Utopia Club in the metaverse is another utility that the project brings. Set within the club would be an area for live-music where holders of the NFT can take up the stage and perform live music. The holders can perform in front of a live audience within the metaverse - the crowd can dance along and since. Again, it's all community and passion focused.

Revenue Yield

While they do have plans for free airdrops from their HIp Hop collection for their holders, there is something else that is being talked about that, if done, would be enormous.

If the Utopia Club does become a statement within the metaverse and gathers enough traction, the club can start selling tickets to non-holders for entry. This revenue can then be shared back with the holders throughout the lifetime of the project.


In conclusion, there is a lot more going on with this project that meets the eye. They have a strong foundation and a strong sense of community. When you have tens of thousands of people driven by the same passion, it can do a lot of good. And we hope the Utopia Club NFT Collection is one that does great within the metaverse and beyond.

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Srivatsa KR

Start-up enthusiast & Blogger

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