Crypto Copy Trading: Fostering Effective Investment Among New And Old Traders Crypto copy trading is a dynamic concept that allows anyone to automatically replicate the exact trades of proven cryptocurrency investors, completely automating the entire crypto trading process

By John Stanly

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Crypto trading is one of the most active investments in the world today, with many traders making it big while others are not so much. However, like every other high-risk investment, profitable cryptocurrency trading requires a lot of research, practice and moving parts. This used to be a deterrent in the past until the concept of crypto copy trading. Therefore, every trader, old and new, can profit from crypto trading.

So, suppose you're new to the cryptocurrency world and haven't spent the time developing a successful trading strategy and mastering the markets. In that case, copy trading will allow you to profit alongside the big dogs.

What is crypto copy trading?

Crypto copy trading is a dynamic concept that allows anyone to automatically replicate the exact trades of proven cryptocurrency investors, completely automating the entire crypto trading process.

Traditional crypto trading requires studying the markets, looking at charts, and conducting extensive research to back up your trading decisions. Furthermore, after placing a buy or sell trade, you must manage the trade and exit at the appropriate time.

Trading in cryptocurrency is a different story. It allows newcomers and passive investors to profit from crypto markets without doing anything.

Today, many cryptocurrency exchanges offer the copy trading option to help newbies trade profitably.

Billium's innovative trading platform: Setting the stage for successful copy trading

The Billium Copy Trading service is a mutually beneficial product offering for all parties involved because beginners benefit from professionals who have a higher chance of entering profitable trades.

Billium, a new cryptocurrency trading platform, is breaking new ground by developing a robust copy trading platform that will be available to all users. According to information shared with Coinspeaker, the Billium platform is currently in Beta testing, but records show that it is poised to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for all prospective users.

Billium hopes to be a pioneer of copy trading in the United Arab Emirates and beyond, offering both spot and margin trading products. Billium's copy trading platform connects beginners in the trading game with professional traders, creating a platform for everyone to succeed.

Amateur traders will have access to the professional's trades, statistics, records, and strategies and can replicate the trading in real-time. In addition, the exchange is built with powerful algorithms to process trade orders quickly, ensuring that copy traders do not miss any updates from their attached professional.

Billium is a registered money service business with Dubai market regulators, ensuring a high level of security for investors and traders alike. The platform operates with a high level of customer-service-driven privacy. While high-volume trading is vulnerable to regulatory scrutiny and asset seizure, Billium users are not subject to such events.

Funds flagged by the exchange's algorithms or other external sources are not frozen on Billium but are instead refunded to the sender, providing a safety net for all users.

Billium also has a very liquid order book because it gets its liquidity from top crypto exchanges worldwide, which eliminates all forms of slippages. In addition, Billium's overall design boosts profitability by allowing users to gain up to 5x leverage on the platform, and security is greatly enhanced by enabling 2FA at any time.

Additional developments on the horizon

Billium is currently in active development, and the protocol has shared that its native token, 'BILT,' as well as mobile apps on both the Google PlayStore and the AppStore, are in the works.

They are also working hard to reach 100,000 users in Turkey and Russia, which are currently their main focus. Finally, the protocol is attempting to gain traction in Europe.
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