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Everyone's Getting Into Chatbots : Here's Why Chatbots are taking over manpower in every business connected digitally - here's what makes them work

By Rustam Singh

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Chatbots are nowhere near perfection yet, but they are getting closer, everyday. Virtually every business, communications or digitally linked enterprise can benefit from chatbots in one way ro the other. Given this possibly limitless scope, every business is seemingly investing into it. Facebook has launched its chatbot services to help communicate. There are several obvious advantages of chatbots:

Save manpower

Chatbots are good to cut down your manpower. Form performing automatic services, to acting as the middle man in communications, you can reduce the total number or administrators or servers in customer complains, feedback and redressal easily. Let the bot do the work a human would normally do.

Cut resources down

All that extra manpower requires more resources, more paid leaves, more restrictions and slower work. You'd also be cost cutting from salaries and manpower, but also be drastically reducing on other resources that a good office needs to have when you utilize a chatbot instead.

Chatbots are faster

A computer program, once given the right command, will do whatever it required almost instantly. A human being will have to scroll through, locate and recall at a human pace, even while using a computer. Bots can, let's say, automatically book you a ticket or check your account transaction instantly from its logs and stored instructions and correct or do the task required. A human will manually check all logs (even through a computer), process it, and then proceed.

Bots can multitask

Bots make the experience of performing multiple tasks or even handling multiple clients seem easy. This is great for business because there can be virtually no waiting at all. Say goodbye to the dead technology of voicemails and emails saying they'll get back to you. Just log in, and have a bot instantly with you.

No time restrictions

Bots will perform instantly, effectively and with precision day or night. Human interactions however, are always restricted by time limits. A smaller organization may not have the resources to have a person viable to answer emails or calls at 3AM, but having a bot do the job for you makes it so much easier.

Bots are unbiased and straight to the point

The best part about bots are there is no need to use salutations, or be unnecessary polite to. Beginning your conversation with "What's the status of my ticket with PNR number: xxxxx?" and you'll get a one word reply instantly. Straight to the point, with no unnecessary improvisations. And a chatbot will not remember your face or actions, it will remain without bias or give a lesser redressal than any other individual.

Personally, I dislike chatbots for the current advancement in technology they have. They are glitch, unable to come close to a real human's communications and very rarely updated. But the market thankfully doesn't think like I do, and if you don't either, click here to learn how to program a bot that isn't that bad.

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Rustam Singh

Sub-Editor- Entrepreneur.com

Tech reporter.

Contact me if you have a truly unique technology related startup looking for a review and coverage, especially a crowd-funded project looking to launch and coverage.

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