Here's How eSIM Will Make Consumers' Lives a Whole Lot Easier and Exciting

International roamers will no longer have to bear the inconvenience of carrying more than one phone or switching SIM cards

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After the mini, micro and nano SIM, consumer IoT is now gearing up for eSIM. Initially introduced by giants Apple, Samsung and Google, the technology is now ready to enter the mainstream consumer market. But what does the technology promise and how is it set to radically revolutionize the consumer experience?


First, let's define eSIM. Essentially, it's an embedded SIM card (hence the "e") that is permanently built into your mobile device. It also forms the basis of GSMA's global specifications that will eventually enable remote SIM provisioning to the entire spectrum of mobile devices. Here's how it will impact your life – for the better:

  • Comprehensive User Experience

The combination of cloud and eSIM technology will enable a futuristic experience, such as the ability to download multiple digital profiles directly from the cloud to any device, with the ability to maintain up to eight profiles on one device at any given time. Users who currently juggle between two handsets for work and personal purposes will be able to use both profiles on the same handset. Similarly, users with multiple smart devices will be able to use a shared plan for all their devices.

  • Digital Experience With Managing Sim

eSIM provides the freedom to switch between devices (and also service providers) with unprecedented ease, without the need to go and purchase a physical SIM card. The technology means the entire experience of switching between devices and carriers can become seamless if deployed with a high focus on customer experience.

  • Global Roaming

International roamers will no longer have to bear the inconvenience of carrying more than one phone or switching SIM cards. Users can soon simply download a new eSIM profile, even before the travel, and enjoy local connectivity charges with zero effort.

  • Goodbye Tethered Smartphones

One of the major advantages of eSIM integration is that it supports multi-device bundling and shared data plans. This puts an end to the practice of tethering multiple unconnected devices to a single connected one in order to obtain internet connectivity. So potentially, an unlimited number of connected devices can operate independently from any location worldwide, without the need for a tethered smartphone.

  • Improved Technology

Beyond the smartphone, eSIM frees physical space in any connected device in order to make way for better features. We're already seeing this happening in some models of iPads and wearables, such as smartwatches. It will enable us to be thoroughly connected in an unlimited number of new ways, such as smart cars, smart homes and much more.

But for consumers to enjoy all these benefits that eSIM brings with it service providers need to assure a unified, seamless and simple experience across all channels, regardless of the device type or vendor.