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Why The MoBiLET is More Than Just a Wheelchair Check it out at the Eco Export Asia in Hong Kong this October.

By Entrepreneur India Staff

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The issues revolving around societal aging has spurred the growth and development of geriatric Assistive Devices (AD), which include wheelchairs and supportive instruments for the elderly. While these address the critical matters of aging and emphasize the enhancement of physical aids, nominal attention has been given to the psychological aspects.

Single Person Transport Design (SPTD), the developer of MoBiLET—an innovative electric-powered, personal-mobility device—seeks to highlight the importance of product design that helps boost the level of self-motivation of the elderly. Set to participate in the upcoming Eco Expo Asia in October 2018, SPTD intends to utilize the platform as a medium to strengthen their brand positioning and bring greater exposure of their latest product and rental schemes in the Start-up Zone to potential investors and buyers.

Empowering the Senior Population

In correlation to an aging economy, the natural progression brings about a detrimental suite of mobility-related difficulties, which typically results in social isolation and low self-esteem. One of the most common solutions for overcoming these maneuverability problems is the usage of wheelchairs. However, due to the negative connotations of disability linked to these wheelchairs, most users are resistant towards it. Arnold, Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) and founding member of SPTD said, "Many people refuse to use wheelchairs due to its unfavorable image. Why not attempt to change that?"

SPTD holds the strong belief that as compared to solely enhancing physical attributes, the quality of life for seniors can be better cultivated through the fostering of their mental wellbeing. Introducing MoBiLET in 2014, it aims to eliminate the adverse perceptions associated with wheelchairs and transform it from a basic type of transportation into a form of artistic self-expression.

Aside from its artfully-striking designs, MoBiLET also features several customizable options, including seat, cushion and color choices for the clients to express their creativity through device personalization, allowing users to convey their thoughts in bold visual statements.

Designed with sturdiness and usability in mind, MoBiLET boasts greater structural adaptability, flexibility and safety standards than traditional wheelchairs. With a space-efficient turning radius of only 65cm, it allows users to move easily within tight spaces. Equipped with a medical-grade stainless steel frame reinforced with automotive-grade glass fiber casing, the device remains lightweight despite its augmented durability. MoBiLET comes with inbuilt internal control and suspension mechanisms that provide stability even when traveling on slopes or uneven surfaces. MoBiLET-BUBBLE, the next model of the MoBiLET is now in the R&D stage. It is equipped with a driving assistance system to perceive surroundings and avoid obstacles by installing multi-sensors.

SPTD believes that every individual deserves fair and equal rights to optimal living conditions, regardless of physical differences. A step further than a rehabilitative aid, Arnold defines the MoBiLET as a tool for empowerment that fuels the innate adventurous spirits of users.

Accelerating Product Promotion & Diversifying Business Models at the HKTDC Fair

Having participated in several fairs previously with interactions towards multiple audiences including the elderly, health care workers and local tech developers, Arnold commented, "It's good for marketing as we can offer interested parties on-site device testing. By allowing them to use the MoBiLET directly, the conversion rate is considerably higher as opposed to simply displaying promotional videos.

At the Eco Expo Asia, where both B2C and B2B trading platforms showcased the latest green products and technologies, SPTD took the opportunity to network with shopping mall owners, community centers and NGOs for collaboration on a shared wheelchair rental scheme to establish a unique indoor transport network. As part of the SPTD's vision, they envisage a future in shopping malls where anyone, not just the elderly, can hire a MoBiLET device at any indoor access point. While the business model may hold similarities to current bicycle-sharing operations, the distinguishing factor lies in the fact that MoBiLET can be used indoors, while bicycles cannot.

The station of the rental scheme, which serve the function of user registration, wireless activate/deactivate MoBiLET& charging

Leveraging on the possibilities offered through the Eco Expo Asia, Arnold is considering the further expansion of SPTD's rental scheme. In this expanded model, the MoBiLET can be used outdoors and function as a short-term transportation system that prides itself on being an affordable, accessible and greener alternative mode of commute. SPTD's ultimate goal is to magnify awareness of environmental issues by promoting the use of personal mobility vehicles and reducing the general reliance on private cars.

Empowered by HKTDC's initiatives, SPTD will strive to continually upgrade and reinvent itself in its strive to improve the public's perception of transportation for the physically-challenged through MoBiLET, a revolution on wheels.

Welcome to Eco Expo Asia for more start-up opportunities.

Date: Oct 25th to Oct 28th, 2018 (Thursday to Sunday)

Venue: AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong

Register HERE for your free admission e-badge.

More startup business opportunities await at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2018 (Autumn Edition) which will be held from Oct 13th to 16th 2018 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The fair features over 3,700 exhibitors from around the globe, providing a valuable chance to make meaningful connections with leading tech developers, suppliers, and business partners. Register HERE to save HK$100 admission fee.


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