#5 Ways in Which Technology is Changing the Way People Watch Sports

From marketing to broadcast sports have become extremely technical as viewers are able to see the minutest of the details

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Technology being the incredible innovator, it has seeped deep into the roots of all the sectors, and sports industry is no exception. While the rules of the games more or less remain same, the way it is watched, consumed and interpreted has changed drastically. Gone are the days when television was the only medium to watch live matches. Technology has also helped sports marketers to ramp up their marketing efforts and influence their audience.


According to me below are the #5 ways in which technology is changing the way people watch sports:

  • Live Streaming on OTT (Over the Top) platforms: Watching the game live on OTT platforms is of great convenience to our audience. Initially, people could only catch the live matches of their favourite teams either on television or through a live commentary on radio. If one missed the live action, they would have to wait for the highlights, but today that is not the case. With the invent of OTT platforms like Hotstar, a lot of sports matches can be watched on the go with just an internet connection.

  • Tech upgrade for reviews and replays: While the replay and review system has been there for a long time, with ever advancing technology it has got a major upgrade. Earlier the referees or umpires could only refer to a single angle camera footage and take a decision. However, today there are many other options such as different angles of cameras, slow-motion camera, jimmy jibs, on-field mikes. Many times, there may be an error in judgement by umpires/referees, which may change the entire outcome of the game, but the advanced review and replay system has almost eliminated the margin of errors. Instant replays also allow the players on the field to assess one's performance instantly and changes one's game accordingly.

  • Real-Time Updates: Today a lot of fans, franchise, players and teams share real-time updates about live matches on their twitter feeds, Instagram pages and Facebook walls. This also aids in better engagement rate with the fans. Many teams also run social media contests during matches to keep the audience hooked. A lot of news portals also share real-time "as it happens' update on their portals, which helps fans to know about the happenings of the match even if they are unable to watch it. Many broadcasters also put up real-time statistics and infographics about individual players, team performance and outcomes, which adds to the viewing experience.

  • Virtual Reality: Virtual reality is one break-through and exciting technology that offers a very different experience of viewing sports. It offers a lot of potentials to experiment and try new ideas for broadcasters. Virtual Reality also does not let the fans feel left out. Many fans, who cannot go to the stadium to watch live matches, can get the same experience through virtual reality.

  • Advance video and sound technology: Today when we see matches live on television or online, the clarity of picture and sound quality is much better than what it used to be a few years ago. The cameras that are used to shoot live matches offer superior picture quality & clarity and is able to capture even minutes of the details. Usage of high-end microphones also helps in noise reduction and elimination of unwanted sounds, thus providing good sound clarity.